World cuisine

Perhaps one of the most wonderful and rewarding aspects of travel is the simple pleasure of indulging in different foods. But with this carefully curated collection of recipes you can bring the world’s cuisines right into your home - whether you want to recreate the taste of Thailand, tuck into some southern fried comfort food, enjoy the flavours of the Mediterranean or heat things up with a spicy Indian curry.

Transport yourself to anywhere around the globe with our collection of recipes from around the world. Perhaps you’re planning a dinner party? If that’s the case then you might even decide to take your guests on a cultural food tour of the world - or even a particular country if you want to narrow down your theme and your ingredients list!

Browse our selection of world food recipes and you’ll find cuisines divided up by country or region to make it simple to select what you’re going to cook!

Planning meals - especially your routine mid-week meals - can become a little tedious after a time so turning to the rest of the world for a little inspiration can be a great idea to help you switch things up and keep cooking exciting. From jerk-style chicken to fragrant Moroccan tagines, bold Mexican flavours and delicious Asian stir fries, we’ve got all the recipes you need to bring adventurous world cuisine straight to your kitchen.

Of course, we couldn’t leave British food out altogether so you’ll also find a section dedicated to quintessential British classics!

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