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1. Chocolate cheescake Easter eggs

With passionfruit yolks and chocolate shells, this is the best kind of boiled egg for an Easter breakfast. Serve with shortbread biscuit soldiers instead of buttered toast. Sugar rush, anyone?

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Rocky road Easter egg

Via: chewtown.com


2. Rocky road Easter egg

Marshmallows, macadamia nuts, Turkish delight, desiccated coconut... this is the ultimate Easter egg chocolate bar mash-up.

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3. Easter egg Oreo truffles

You only need four ingredients. Need we say more?

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4. Fabergé Easter egg cakes

Lords and ladies of the realm, we present the Fabergé Easter egg (trumpets sound).

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5. Gold leaf Easter eggs

Hey big spender  splash out this Easter with gold leaf eggs. Don't mind if we do (as long as someone else is paying).

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6. Raw chocolate Easter eggs

'Raw' is big in the chocolate world right now, and if you're flummoxed over what it is you can read all about it here. It's really time that mini eggs grew up

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Chocolate surprise photo eggs

Via: popsugar.com


7. Chocolate surprise photo eggs

What's better than an Easter egg? An Easter egg with your face in it. It's just a question of some simple chocolate surgery and a very sharp knife ...

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8. Pastel flower eggs

With pastel-coloured dyes and some pretty flowers, you can transform a dozen eggs into an Easter centrepiece.

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9. Chocolate eggs filled with brigadeiro

And what's brigadeiro? It's a creamy, sweet ganache originating from Brazil (hello, new obsession).

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10. Eggshell brownies

How in Houdini did that brownie get in there?! You'll need a corkscrew, a piping bag and a fair bit of patience but the look on everyone's faces will make it worth your while

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11. Mini Easter egg cakes

Who needs chocolate when you can have cake?

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12. Sprinkle chocolate Easter eggs

Our creme egg is not looking quite so spectacular now, is it?