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Going dairy-free doesn't mean you have to wave goodbye to creamy carbonara, ice cream or squidgy brownies. Come and meet the dairy-free blogging elite ...


1. The Roasted Root

First up, that carbonara. Though the authentic Italian recipe never had cream in it in the first place, this dairy-free zucchini "carbonara" means you won't even miss the parmesan. Julia of The Roasted Root is a big fan of veg and it's blended cauliflower, egg yolks and almond milk that make this sauce so creamy.

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2. Food Bandits

Gooey chocolate brownies without butter and milk chocolate? Well Food Bandits, Suus and Johann have cracked it. Raw cacoa, dates and rice syrup are the heroes here, plus the recipes come in Dutch and English – just in case you happen to be bilingual as well as a baking addict.

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3. My New Roots

That creamy swirl is actually cashew cream – cashews, water, garlic, lemon juice and salt whizzed together in a blender. Sarah at My New Roots suggests swirling it into this cream (there's that word again) of broccoli soup, and we're more than happy to oblige. 

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4. Allergy Free Alaska

When Megan went dairy-free the hardest thing she found to give up was good-old mac 'n' cheese. So, not one to be deterred, she got in the kitchen and invented this staggeringly good dairy-free version. How is it so cheesy you ask? Butternut squash puree, Dijon mustard and vegan butter. Well I say.

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5. Golubka Kitchen

Anya, together with Laura over at The First Mess (one of our top vegetarian bloggers), is responsible for these velvety dairy-free lemon tarts. The crusts are made with almond flour and melted coconut oil while the lemony filling is all almond milk and agave. Pansies optional – but very pretty indeed.

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6. Dolly and Oatmeal

Lindsey lives with her husband Frank in "a sleepy section of Brooklyn" (so New Yorkers do enjoy their rest every now and again!). She's cut dairy and gluten from her diet and boy are we glad of the results. This Mediterranean pizza with romesco dip (like a creamy hummus) tastes as good as it looks, topped off with spiced chickpeas and peppery rocket.

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7. Unconventional Baker

And the prize for the most unusually flavoured dairy-free pudding goes to: Audrey's blood orange, salted chocolate and basil tart. It's a citrusy, salty, herby delight with an oozy chocolate centre. One way to butter someone up ... without any butter at all.

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8. Nutritionist in the Kitch

News flash: dairy-free ice cream is to die for! And Christal's summery watermelon and coconut number is one of the simplest recipes we've seen. Coconut milk, dates, vanilla and watermelon cubes is all it takes: just blend, freeze and repeat to get that creamy texture. Come on, English weather!

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9. Mia's Lactose Free Kitchen

Mia's blog caters to all kinds of food allergies and most recipes are dairy-, soy- and gluten-free. And if, like everyone in the world ever, you're craving something chocolatey, her dairy-free chocolate mousse is sure to hit the spot, made with skimmed coconut and almond milk. Smooth.

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10. Wake the Wolves

Alongside handy tips for creating dairy-free milks and resisting junk food, you'll find seriously delectable dairy-free dishes at Wake the Wolves, such as this dairy-free caramel sauce. Caramelised coconut milk and sugar is all you need, along with something tasty to dunk. Win!