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Yes. We've found the best gluten-free scrumptiousness in the whole wide blogosphere. And we're going to share it with you... 


1. Cookie & Kate

Like a culinary superhero duo, Kate creates all of her dishes with canine sidekick Cookie by her side. We're not sure which of them came up with this genius waffle recipe but if it's what happens when you mix buckwheat and buttermilk we're ready to ditch the g-word right now. 

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2. Gluten free on a shoestring

Yep, these beer-battered chicken dippers (made with rice flour and gluten-free beer) had us licking our lips too. They're just one of the recipes Nicole came up with after her son was diagnosed with coeliac disease and now she whips up budget-friendly meals (sans gluten) for the whole family. What a woman!

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3. Fork and Beans

Cara started Fork and Beans so people with dietary restrictions could still eat delicious versions of their favourite foods. This impressive chickpea "omelette" ticks the boxes for vegans plus those cutting out gluten and dairy. Add fresh lime and avocado to this tasty creation and that's breakfast knocked out of the park. 

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4. Naturally Sassy

This deliciously indulgent raw peanut butter and chocolate cheesecake (drool) is the dessert of choice for ballet dancer and author Saskia. Completely gluten, sugar, wheat and dairy free, it'll have you dancing round the kitchen.

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5. Minimalist Baker

John and Dana are a couple with a heart for simplicity and using "as few ingredients as possible to keep your budget and pantry in order". Though not all of their recipes are gluten-free, you'll find a whole host that are, including vegan shepherd's pie, the best gluten-free pepperoni pizza, ever and banana pecan shortbread ... see you there.

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6. Artisan Bread in 5 

It's the holy grail of gluten-free baking – real bread. And ladies and gentlemen, we've found it. This one's the work of Jeff over at Bread in 5 with his blend of rice, sorghum (similar to millet) and tapioca flours for the ultimate scrummy, chewy texture. Jeff, we love you.

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7. Heartbeet Kitchen

Gluten-free carrot cake needn't be just a dream. Amanda's cake with whipped coconut frosting subverts tradition beautifully with maple syrup to sweeten, apple sauce and date puree to bind and coconut milk for moisture. Oh what carrot-y, coconutty joy! 

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8. No Gluten, No Problem

After husband Pete was diagnosed with coeliac disease, Kelli made it her mission to turn her family kitchen into a gluten-free zone. The results were more effortless than expected – and gems like this crispy pesto farinata are a ray of gluten-free delight. 

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9. Yum Universe

Heather is a lover of plant-powerful dishes that just happen to be gluten-free and we reckon her penne with black-eyed pea tempeh, kale and artichoke hearts is an absolute winner. Tempeh (pronouned tem-pay) is the Indonesian equivalent of tofu and its earthy taste gets deeper with age rather like blue cheese. Strange, but seriously tasty.

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10. Beard and Bonnet

If you've a spare afternoon* why not create this flamingo-pink dragon fruit and berry icebox cake? A treat for Meg's gluten-intolerant son, the crust is made from oats, almonds and dates while the cake gets its colour from dragon fruit smoothies, frozen strawberries and raspberries. Now that deserves a high five.

*whole weekend

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11. Tartelette

A former pastry chef (we can tell), Helene drastically change her diet after developing Meniere's disease (a disorder that affects the inner ear). Dishes like this gluten-free roasted pepper and ricotta tart look impossible to resist ... one slice or two?

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12. Café Johnsonia 

A few years ago Lindsey took a personal challenge to cut out gluten, animal products and sugar for 30 days. And she hasn't looked back since! Café Johnsonia is an ode to eating happy, and it's impossible to tuck into this orangey mangoey fish dish (with lime coconut quinoa no less) without cracking a smile.