Say hello to your excuse to eat cake for breakfast. You're welcome...

Yoghurt cakes are gorgeously tasty and totally on trend right now. Why? Well, yogurt is a pretty decent source of protein and, as protein-rich diets are in, so are these beauts.


Sponges made with yogurt make for super-moist affairs, plus, if yogurt is a legitimate breakfast dish, then yogurt cake is too, right? Regardless, we reckon these are a cook-now, eat-now baking trend we really agree with.


Here's how to eat yours... 


Orange and pistachio yogurt cake

If you love a bit of lemon drizzle, you really must try this orange cake. Fabulous with a cup of Earl Grey. 


Pistachio and elderflower yogurt cake

pistachio and elderflower cordial yoghurt cake

Via: PR

This cake has taught us that if you sprinkle pistachios on something, it’ll make it look super posh and professional. Really, though, this bake is oh-so easy to achieve and tastes like a mouthful of summer. Serve with a glass of prosecco, you say? Oh, go on then.


Lemon and rose doughnuts

lemon and rose doughnuts

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Even doughnuts are getting involved in the protein cake trend. These little guys are absolute stars.


Apple, maple and cinnamon muffins

No one would try to stop you from eating a muffin for breakfast – these corkers look super healthy but taste like a cosy autumnal day by the log fire. Divine.


Lemon and blueberry polenta loaf

What could be better than yogurt and blueberries for breakfast? Yogurt and blueberry cake, that’s what. Oh, and this recipe uses polenta instead of flour, so it’s completely gluten-free. Happy days indeed. 


Blueberry and blackberry muffins

That’s one way to get us out of bed. Once you’ve mastered this version, try mixing it up with raspberries or cherries – we think white chocolate chips would be a great addition, too.


Red velvet loaf with berry frosting

The showstopper to brighten any elevenses. Oh, and we simply adore the cream cheese frosting – a winning addition to anyone's baking arsenal.