Impress your guests with these simple but gorgeous recipes. Bark life

Image: Yoghurt bark is the easiest and most impressive dessert you’re ever going to make

Via: Sainsbury's

Even if you only follow one food blogger on Instagram, there's a strong chance you've had a craving for yogurt bark this summer. And for good reason – it looks really, really lovely. It's also incredibly easy to make and deliciously refreshing as a sweet dessert alternative when you've gone a little OTT on the mini Magnums (guilty, every year). 


All you have to do is line a baking tin (we use a shallow one so that the bark is easy to snap and nibble) with greaseproof paper. Mix some honey into a tub of yogurt and dollop the mix in the middle of the paper, then use a spoon or pallet knife to smooth out to the edges. Don't worry about it being super smooth – little waves just add to the texture. 


Then all you have to do is add whatever topping you like and whack it, flat, in the freezer for a minimum of three hours. Done! 


Here's some yogurt bark inspo to try, including a vegan and super-handy breakfast version. 


The one the kids will love

frozen yoghurt with strawberries

Via: Sainsbury's

This is the easiest dessert you’ll ever make, and the kids will absolutely love it. We recommend adding a little extra honey to your yogurt if you prefer it sweet, and keep your fruit nice and big so everyone gets some.


The foodie one

matcha and pomegranatie frozen yoghurt bark

Via: Sainsbury's

This one’s a little fancy because it’s got swirls of magic matcha, the green tea powder that turns everything, well, green. We mixed a teaspoon with around a quarter of the yogurt then dolloped small amounts of both green and regular yogurt all over the tray. A fork or toothpick can be used to create a marbled effect, before finishing it all off with fresh pomegranate seeds and a little shredded coconut.


The vegan one

vegan frozen yoghurt bark with dark chocolate, coconut and raspberries

Via: Sainsbury's

Completely vegan and completely gorgeous – we used dairy-free coconut yogurt instead of Greek and added vegan dark chocolate and chopped strawberries. Finish yours with a dusting of desiccated coconut. Tastes like a beach holiday.


The rainbow one

rainbow frozen yoghurt bark with mango strawberry and lime

Via: Sainsbury's

Go wild on this one guys – just remember that colour variation is key. We blended mixed berries with a little water to marble with the yogurt, then added chopped mango, passion fruit, strawberries and lime zest. The latter adds a really refreshing tang – get sucking. 


The breakfast one

frozen yoghurt bark with banana cereal raisins and honey

Via: Sainsbury's

If you can eat a bowl of yogurt and fruit for breakfast, you can totally have frozen bark too. It’ll cool down your morning commute and if you make it the night before all you have to do it cut off a shard with a heated knife before you leave the house. For our breakfast bark we used honey (which doesn't freeze, so it's all gooey and amazing among the frozen yogurt), raisins and chopped banana with some cereal for extra crunch.