Anyone for tennis? As all eyes are on Wimbledon here's a list of the best summertime snacks to ease the tension during those nail-biting volleys

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Image: Wimbledon recipes: strawberries, cake and cocktails

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Strawberries are a must, but we've got some other picnic suggestions too

The only way to make Wimbledon even more fun is to combine it with another British summer obsession: a picnic.


These picnic treats are perfect for nibbling on whether you're watching at home, joining fellow enthusiasts in front of a big screen somewhere or lucky enough to actually be in the crowd at Wimbledon ...



1. At home in front of the telly

With all the comforts of home (like a kitchen and a fridge) you can indulge in something fancy.


Smoked trout, leek and pea quiche

Classic English picnic fare, this easy quiche also works well made with smoked salmon.

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Victoria sandwich loaf with strawberries and cream

An easier but no less impressive take on the Victoria sponge. This recipe is simply one loaf cake sliced into three, and layered with fresh strawberries, cream and tangy lemon curd. Easy peasy. Promise!

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2. On a big screen somewhere

There are outdoor big screens showing Wimbledon all over the country, but you'll need to keep your strength up, so tuck in.


Pork & apple sausage rolls

Grated apple and carrot are the secret to these easy-to-make sausage rolls. The fruit and veg keep the pork mince moist and the ready-made puff pastry stays nice and crispy.

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Celebration flag traybake

How about this for a bit of pomp and circumstance (not to mention hopefulness ... )?

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3. At the All England Club

If you're lucky enough to be in Wimbledon, you'll need something easy to carry but substantial enough to keep you going through the tense final set.

Picnic loaf

Quite possibly the most impressive sandwich in the world, even the occupants of the royal box might cast hungry looks in your direction when this beauty emerges from the hamper.

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Homemade scones

Quintessentially English and just the thing for a quick bite mid-set, try Cherry Menlove's recipe for buttery scones.

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... and to drink?

Well, Pimm's, obviously. But don't restrict yourselves to just drinking it: we've got some great ideas for using Pimm's in fantastic desserts plus a recipe for making your own Pimm's.


C'mon Andy!

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Pimm's glasses

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