It’s time to meet your matcha and get to grips with this vibrant green powder

Green tea is steaming hot right now. Or, more specifically, its more concentrated form of matcha powder is hot right now.


So hot, in fact, there’s a cafe dedicated to the green stuff in London, Tombo, which serves matcha-infused cakes, ice cream and lattes. There's even been a matcha wine. In Japan, of course.


Matcha is a gift for those who want to up their antioxidant levels, especially if you find the taste of green tea too bitter to swallow. Just like cacao and cocoa, matcha and green tea are the same – yet different. It’s all about how the leaves are processed. Matcha means ground or powdered tea. So, while your regular cup of green tea is an infusion, with matcha you actually consume the leaves – meaning the antioxidant levels are more concentrated.


It has a rich, earthy, creamy and slightly sweet flavour, making it a versatile addition to cakes and desserts. Try adding a little to smoothies, baking into brownies or adding to practically any creation with white chocolate. It’s easy being green with these ideas.


Matcha bark

matcha white chocolate bark with raspberry

Via: Sainsbury's


​Nail this one and you’ll never be stuck for gift ideas again. Even if it’s just for yourself. 


Matcha and coconut pop

One for warmer days, perhaps, but this gloriously green lolly will add a pop of colour to your day.


White chocolate and matcha brownies

Give brownies a colourful twist with the green tea powder. The slight bitterness of matcha perfectly balances the sweet white choc.


Smoothie bowl

Smoothie bowl with matcha

Via: PR

You’ll feel smugly wholesome all day after wolfing down this beautiful breakfast bowl.


Green tea rice

Wondering if matcha can be used in savoury dishes too? Try this Japanese-style rice, or ochazuke – steeped in matcha-infused water.


Matcha white hot chocolate

matcha white hot chocolate

Via: Sainsbury's


Give a cockle-warming mug of chocolatey goodness a healthy boost with a spoonful of the green stuff.