Plus, we now know what the 'pink swirl one' actually is. Best. Day. Ever

Image: We made our favourite food emoji's and they look amazing

Via: Sainsbury's/Photo: Ria Osborne

Ever wished you could dive, face first and open-mouthed, into the emoji food section on your phone? Us too. Every day. That’s why we’ve recreated our favourites using real-life, edible ingredients.


Check out the tasty results below.



Seriously, have you ever seen a plate of spaghetti with such a perfectly circular dollop of sauce? We won’t tell you how we achieved ours, but we challenge you to get the same results with tonight's spag bol.  

Real life spaghetti emoji

Via: Sainsbury's/Photo: Ria Osborne


Slice of cake

The world’s whitest cake isn't made from your classic Victoria sponge recipe, but we're prepared to take the heat from Mary Berry for a slice of this perfection.

Real life strawberry cake emoji

Via: Sainsbury's/Photo: Ria Osborne


Pastel-coloured balls

These Japanese dumplings taste as sweet as they look and are, quite possibly, the most endearing food on the planet. Incase you were wondering, they all taste the same – those colours are achieved using food dye.

Real life dango emoji

Via: Sainsbury's/Photo: Ria Osborne



The newest kid on the emoji block, who's mates with the slice of pizza and hamburger. We'll take 12.

Real life taco emoji

Via: Sainsbury's/Photo: Ria Osborne


Pizza slice

The emoji king. We’ve all lost an hour sprawled across the sofa on a duvet day staring at this guy.

Real life pepperoni pizza emoji

Via: Sainsbury's/Photo: Ria Osborne


Pink swirl

AKA Narutomaki, and warning: it’s a seafood stick. Not as sweet and sugary as it looks. Wish we’d known.

Real life narutomaki

Via: Sainsbury's/Photo: Ria Osborne


Food styling: Maud Eden