Make a scrumptious brunch spread with Easter leftovers for all the family to enjoy. From decadent chocolate pancakes to lazy skillet potatoes, lamb frittata and more

Make sure nothing goes to waste this Easter by whizzing yesterday's leftovers into tomorrow's tasty brunch. Mix roast lamb with dollops of creamy tzatziki and fresh veggies for hearty brunch wraps, or use up leftover Easter chocolate to make decadent chocolate pancakes. Let the feasting continue – it's Easter weekend, after all


1. Greek lamb wraps

Slices of roast lamb are pan-fried until crisp to make this flavour-packed brunch recipe. Is it just us or does almost everything taste better in a wrap? Get the recipe for Greek lamb wraps


2. Chocolate button brioche

Put surplus chocolate (if you have any!) to good use in a buttery brioche loaf. Because after you’ve given up chocolate for Lent, at Easter you’re legitimately allowed to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And brunch. Get Bethany Kehdy's recipe for tahini and chocolate brioche.


3. Beef tournedos rossini

Leftover roast beef works just as well as steak when making this tender, on-toast treat. And it takes less than 20 minutes. Get the recipe for cheat's tournedos Rossini


4. Chocolate pancakes with chocolate sauce

A dish for people who believe Easter means living, breathing and bathing in chocolate. (So that’ll be all of us, then?) Quick! Get the recipe for chocolate pancakes with chocolate sauce


5. Skillet potatoes, chorizo and fried eggs

For an easy and lazy breakfast, crack an egg into leftover roast potatoes and have a hearty meal in minutes. The addition of chorizo will make you want to eat this every weekend. Get the recipe for skillet potatoes, chorizo and fried eggs.


6. Smoked salmon and dill pancakes

Leftover slithers of smoked fish make a delicious addition to a stack of pancakes. Just add cream cheese and dill to serve. Get the recipe for smoked salmon, cream cheese and dill pancakes


7. Spiced lamb frittata

Leftover roast lamb, lightly spiced with crushed chillies and a pinch of nutmeg and thrown together with free range eggs – lovely! Get the recipe for spiced lamb and spinach frittata


8. Clementine prosecco cocktail

Sainsburys clementine prosecco cocktail

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Dan Jones

Splashes of last night's fizz left in the bottle? Use them to make what's essentially a buck's fizz, but better. Bottoms up. Get the recipe for clementine prosecco cocktail


9. Courgetti fritters with poached eggs

Kids refuse to eat their greens? Sneak their veg into a tasty fritter. These crispy fritters made with spiralised courgettes take just 5 minutes to prep and make a pretty satisfying meal, served with a poached egg on top. Get the recipe for courgetti fritters with poached eggs


10. Beef and aubergine shakshuka

Sainsburys beef and aubergine shakshuka

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Tara Fisher

Hunks of beef and sticky aubergine bring a tasty twist to this otherwise traditional Middle Eastern breakfast dish. Psst...leftover lamb will work equally well. Get the recipe for beef and aubergine shakshuka