Move over coconut water: in 2015 we’ll all be drinking birch water, apparently

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Image: What on earth is birch water?

Saaby / CC-BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr: saaby

Birch trees – who's feeling thirsty?

Still drinking coconut water? That's sooo this year. Real food trendsetters are all about birch water. Yep, we're talking trees. 


Those super pretty silver birch tress in your garden or local park could be the source of the new "super-water".


It's a traditional drink in northern parts of China and Europe (including Scotland), and birch extract has been used as a herbal remedy for decades. Many claim it provides health benefits – although medically, the verdict is still out.


It won’t be readily available in bottled form in the UK until early next year (in time for that January detox, ahem).

What is it? Birch sap. When the sap is rising in the spring it can be collected by tapping the trunk or by cutting off the end of a branch and attaching a bottle to it.

What is it like? A thin sweet-tasting liquid.

But is it really going to replace coconut water? Well, maybe. It has proved very popular with clean-living folk in other countries and will be hitting the UK shelves next year. Only time will tell ...