You’ve bought a jar of coconut oil... now what? Let us explain

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Image: What the hell do you do with coconut oil?

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Coconut oil evangelists Hemsley + Hemsley 

You’ve done it. You’ve caved in to its allure, channelled your inner Hemsley + Hemsley and bought some coconut oil. Welcome to the club, coconut oil virgins.


But now what? Bringing a new ingredient into your kitchen is a scary thing and, let’s face it, most of the newbies end up buried at the back of the cupboard with those fancy beans you just had to have.


Sisters Melissa and Jasmine, AKA Hemsley + Hemsley, told Homemade that the stuff can make you want to "pop Brussels sprouts like they’re Maltesers". Magic powers indeed.


“You wouldn’t want to eat a bowl of sprouts by themselves," said Melissa. “But if you roast them in coconut oil, they’re completely different. They’re moreish, they’ve got texture.


“You can use it in smoothies too. Some people think diet foods have to have no fats in them – coconut oil is such a fantastic transition back into fats.“


And it just so happens that we’ve got some pretty good ideas of what you can do with it too – if we do say so ourselves *blushes*.


Squash and ginger soup with coriander lemon drizzle

Perhaps the easiest way to go coconut oil crazy is to swap olive oil for your newfound kitchen friend. Simple.

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Squash and ginger soup

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Beetroot cinnamon smoothie

Hands up who's turned off by a green smoothie? Let's be honest, it just doesn’t look appetising. The addition of beetroot makes this banana, avocado, spinach, coconut oil, cinnamon and honey concoction smoulder. 

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Coconut oil cookies

Butter fiends, relax – you won’t miss it in this recipe. Promise. They may be simple cookies, but they are good cookies. The addition of coconut gives it a totally tropical taste too.

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Mint choc pavé

This is like an After Eight but better – who knew such a thing was possible? These little squares of layered mint and chocolate ganache are so moreish and make a great office snack.

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Mint pave

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