Warm up and chow down on all the best stuff the new season has to offer from Friday 25 September

It's the weekend! Almost. And you owe it to the almost-weekend to get out there, eat, drink and be merry.


From Chinese delicacies and German traditions to keeping it all super-local, here are the foodiest things to do this week in London.  


Eclipse a moon cake at Royal China

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Chinese mooncakes

Photo: Homemade

If you thought us Brits had the monopoly on intensely sweet baked goods, you'd be wrong. Sunday 27 September marks the Chinese mid-autumn festival AKA Moon Cake Day; it's a day for celebrating the harvest, observing the full moon and eating incredible calorie-laden carbohydrates. 


Containing up to a whopping 1,200 calories per cake, moon cakes are round, elegantly embossed pastries filled with dense red bean or lotus paste, and often a salted duck egg yolk. Traditionally you eat them in small slices, but you can pretend we didn't tell you that. Try them for yourself this week at dim sum destination Royal China, which has branches in Baker Street, Queensway, Canary Riverside, Fulham and Harrow.


From £23.80​ for a box of eight mini moon cakes. 


Come over all Oktober at Urban Food Fest

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Urban Food Festival

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What more obvious thing could there be to celebrate on the last weekend of September than the imminent arrival of October? Sorry, Oktober. Wipe off your leather lederhosen, warm up your tankard-swinging arm and head down to Urban Food Fest's Oktoberfest theme night on Saturday 19 September, Saturday 26 September, and Saturday 3 October, for loads of amazing street food from some of the city's finest carpark food purveyors.


And we weren't joking about the lederhosen either – fancy dress will earn you a free cocktail or beer.


12pm12am, Saturday 26 September. Find out more here.


Warm your cockles at The Festival of Heat

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What with the autumn chill creeping in and colds lurking about, we could all do with a good blast of heat this week – so it's great news that London's Chilli Festival is in town. Gird your sinuses and head down to Old Street on Sunday 27 September for a celebration of fiery flavours from across the globe, including Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Mexico and Peru.


Like heaven for heat fiends, you can watch demos, take part in chilli workshops and buy spicy artisan versions of almost everything you could imagine. Just don't bite off more than you can chew.


12pm–6pm, Sunday 27 September. Tickets £7.50 including a cocktail. Book here.


Take in the view at Primrose Hill Market

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London has a new food market, y'all! And it's going to be a lovely one. Held at the bottom of (unofficially) the city's poshest hill, Primrose Hill Market will bring together 27 fine producers selling gourmet treats like smoked salmon, raw milk and organic mushroom pâté alongside the usual bread, veg, meat and cheese.


Buy a Bad Brownie, climb the hill and then come back down for another one: your new Saturday routine. 


10am3pm, every Saturday from 26 September. Find out more here.


Risk it for a biskie at Cutter & Squidge

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Somewhere in the delicious wilderness between cake and biscuit there lives the biskie, a cream-filled cookie sandwich creation by London-based family bakers Cutter & Squidge, whose new permanent Soho store opened in September. 


Made with all-natural ingredients and striving to be lower in fat and calories than your average trendy confectionery, biskies come in flavours like billionaire shortbread, lemon sherbert and 'OMG it's green' (that's matcha to you and me), each one with plenty of the eponymous squidge. Just don't call them whoopie pies, whatever you do.


Open now at 20 Brewer Street, London W1F 0SJ.  


Start eating pumpkin in every way, shape and form

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Yes, it definitely qualifies as an event. Not only is pumpkin season beginning, but so is pumpkin spice season – that magical time when everything sweet for 100 miles is suddenly doused in cinnamon, nutmeg and autumnal cosiness.


Here are six pumpkin and squash recipes to warm up with, or if all that's too much effort then grab a tub of Ben & Jerry's new pumpkin cheesecake flavour, put a jumper on and chill. 



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