Using beer in cocktails was once almost unheard of, but now it's becoming commonplace. Have you ever tried a Caipbeerinha or a Piña Co-lager, or even devised your own brew?

Beertails, lageritas, cockt-ales – whatever you want to call them, they seem to be taking over.


In the past, beer cocktails have been limited to the occasional flirtation with Champagne, lemonade, lime cordial, cider and blackcurrant. But now ale is being thrown right into the mix and is rubbing up against vodkas, whiskies, tequila, and even fruit juice.


Purist beer drinkers would say it’s a travesty to mix well-brewed beers, but there are plenty of people who say the new hybrids are ideal for those who can’t plough through a whole pint or who find a pitcher of piña colada a bit too sickly.


If you want to mix up your own beertails, here are five well-known concoctions to get you started.


1. Sweet sixteen

The Teen: mix lager and coke in a small glass, drop in a shot of Amaretto and ta-dah! Like Dr Pepper for the over-18s.


2. The dark horse

Black Velvet: stout mixed with sparkling wine or Champagne. This one has been around for a long time – it was created after the death of Prince Albert in 1861 to make Champagne look like it’s in mourning.

3. The zesty one

East India sunset: mix whisky with a dash of vanilla syrup, a squeeze of lemon juice, top up with beer (Cobra) and garnish with orange zest.


4. The sweet one 

Sidewalker: mix a measure of fruity brandy with the same amount of lemon juice, a spoon of maple syrup then top with wheat beer (Blue Moon) and sparkling water.


5. The Mexican one

Michelada: mix tomato juice, a dash of Tabasco sauce, a good squeeze of lime juice and a bottle of beer (Corona) together over ice. Like its friend the Bloody Mary, it’s said to be a pretty good hangover cure.


But that’s only the tinest tip of the beertail iceberg. What crazy concoctions have you tried, and were they any good?