Pancake toppings are so last year, don’t you know. It’s all about what's inside that counts

Pancakes never really go out of fashion. But a new take on our much-loved breakfast/brunch treat is about to hit the big time. Introducing stuffed pancakes... Oh my. 


If you haven’t made them yet then trust us, you need to. Remember, happy breakfasters, you heard this flipping awesome idea here first. Yes, we love you too.


The technique

There are various methods of stuffing your pancake. Some ask you to freeze your filling until firm, before placing it on top of a half-cooked pancake then coating it with extra batter. This makes a sealed pancake sandwich of magnificent proportions.


Others herald a simpler 'fold over' technique: although it's not as tidy as the 'chill and seal' method, this is just as delicious and it's effectively the calzone of the pancake world.

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Strawberry stuffed pancakes

Use any berry you like. Presented in a lunchbox to prove their portability, this is a lunch revolution that might just sweep the nation.

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These gorgeous golden Danish balls do require their very own special pan – and if you're already not using that greasy toastie maker and waffle iron, we're pretty sure you'll be reluctant to invest in any more kitchen paraphernalia. But when these are stuffed with orange cream, almond paste or peanut butter, you'll be so glad you did. Honest.

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Xi’an stuffed pancakes

What's that you say? Oh, only the most delicious savoury snack you've ever sunk your teeth into. Xi'an pancakes are stuffed with spiced pork, cabbage and spring onion… We want 12. That seems like a fair number.

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Egg-stuffed pancakes

Nothing looks that good close up. And if you can get your egg runny, so much the better.

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Cheese and onion stuffed oat pancakes

Yes please to cheese and onion. Add bacon and eggs and voilà brunch is served.

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Nutella stuffed pancakes

Because Nutella is the last word in pancake joy. And this picture speaks for itself. 

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