From cereal to sausages, selling food is all about monomania right now

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Image: One stop shop: are single dish restaurants a foodie fad or trend?

Via: / primosgourmethotdogs

Is a whole shop dedicated to tinned fish taking things a bit far?

It is often said that less is more, and it seems that restaurants are increasingly testing that theory as single dish and even single ingredient food places are having a bit of a moment.

The trend started in New York (where else?) with macaroni cheese houses and rice pudding restaurants popping up on the scene, but are these one-trick ponies here to stay? These restaurants take favouritism to a whole new level …


The place: Bad Egg restaurant
Location: set to open in Moorgate, London, this year
We love: well, eggs
Expect to eat: baked eggs North African-style, hashes and a reworked full English

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Bad Egg is the brainchild of Executive Chef of The Smokehouse, Neil Rankin 


Simply sausages

The place: Primo's Gourmet Hotdogs
Location: Leeds
We love: sausages
Expect to eat: 8 different variations on the sausage theme

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Primo’s Gourmet Hotdogs

Via: Facebook / primosgourmethotdogs


Cereal number

The place: The Cereal Killer Café
Location: set to open on Brick Lane, London, this year
We love: breakfast cereal. Pure and simple
Expect to eat: all types of cereal – 100 boxes of international breakfast grains to be exact with 12 varieties of milk available

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Round and round

The place: Beerd
Location: Bristol
We love: two things and two things only
Expect to eat: pizza and beer

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Via: Twitter / beerbristol


Have a ball

The place: Arancini Brothers
Location: London and at street food events and markets
We love: arancini, aka risotto balls
Expect to eat: in a wrap, stew or with a salad, the versatility of arancini is endless (well, almost)

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Arancini brothers

Via: Facebook/Arancini Brothers


Steak a claim

The place: Le Relais de Venise
Location: London, Paris and New York
We love: simplicity itself
Expect to eat: there is one option, and one option only. If you’re not in the mood for a green salad followed by steak and chips, then this isn’t for you

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Le Relais de Venise

Krista / CC-BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: scaredykat


And the ones we’d like to see …

Cheese on toast café

Why: croque monsieur, pizza-style bread, parmesan French toast – need we go on?

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Croque monsieur

Photo: Brett Stevens Via Sainsbury's

Crumble canteen

Why: the humble crumble is the national treasure of the pudding world and they shouldn't just stop at sweet crumbles, oh no. Savoury winter crumble anyone?

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Photo: Martin Poole Via: Sainsbury's

Bacon bistro

Why: bacon sarnies, crackling with apple sauce, everything wrapped in bacon – why has no one done this yet?

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Via: Homemade

Peanut butter boutique

Why: from peanut butter sandwiches to a slice of Snickers cheesecake, the possibilities here are mind-boggling

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Peanut butter

Korona Lacasse / CC-BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: korona4reel

What restaurant would you open if you could? We'd love to hear your pop-up food daydreams in the comments below