Step aside, flashmobs. This trend involves icing

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Flashmobs? Passé. Atop the Eiffel tower​? So cheesy. A cake that proposes marriage? Perfect. 


Because in an industry worth 10 billion to the UK economy annually, cluttered with non-stop reports of more and more extreme question popping and where spending heaps of money on the ring and party has been shown to have a negative effect on how long a marriage lastsit's got to be a good thing to strip the ceremony back to one of life's most simple pleasures: baked goods. 


Here are some of the most thoughtful, prettiest and most delicious-looking creations that Instagram has to offer. 



1. The Ben & Jerry's proposal cake 

Now this is real love. When a man can select a woman's favourite frozen tub from the shop without prompting, you know you're on to a winner. 


2. The musical proposal cake

Because what is a relationship without some shared interests? 


3. The all-tied-up proposal cake

Everyone likes a big, shiny ribbon – especially when it's made out of fondant. 


4. The diamond ring proposal cake

Who needs a real life rock when you can have a slice of this? 


5. The OTT proposal cake

Just as some women love a massive white meringue dress, so some may like a massive white meringue proposal cake. 


6. The structural proposal cake

Now this is fancy – a proposal cake that's come over all structural. 


7. The Tiffany box-ish proposal cake

There can be no confusion as to what this cake is all about. Extra props for the lid on/lid off mechanism – that's some Bake Off style wizardry. 



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