The prettiest way to cram all the goodness into your breakfast

Are you still blitzing your banana, spinach and avocados together, like an old timer? 


It's time to stop. Oh yes. You might think it's all terribly 'now' to ingest your protein-filled breakfast through a straw, but things have changed (blame the digital age for giving us all teeny-tiny attention spans).


Instead, the incarnation du jour is the smoothie bowl. Beloved of all the must-follow foodies (Deliciously Ella, Madeleine Shaw) it's a simple concept: layer up your yogurt, fruit, nut butter, seeds and oats in a super artistic assembly, then spoon.


So what's the benefit? A whole load more textures from crunchy almonds, creamy avocado and soft sliced banana, rather than pure liquid. You can fit more in them for bonus day-powering fuel and, hey – they look so lovely, they'll put a smile on your face pronto. 


Here's how to make your own. 


1. Blitz it up 

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First up, get your base made. In your blender, pile up water, milk or almond milk, a handful of leafy greens and frozen fruit, like raspberries or banana. This will give you a frosty, creamy consistency. 


2. Pack in the protein 

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Let's get in all those delicious things that keep you on the path to fullness. A dollop of nut butter, a massive scattering of pumpkin seeds, a handful of cashews… they'll all do the trick. 


3. Start slicing 

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Now for upping the texture. Slice half a banana and place the pieces in a line down your bowl, throw on some fresh blueberries on one side and add raspberries to the other. Whatever you fancy, really.


4. Get topping 

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Crowning glory time. Cacao nibs, pomegranate seeds, spoonfuls of passion fruit, a drizzle of maple syrup – go crazy. 


5. Enjoy! 

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Dig in the spoon, smile, and feel all kinds of chuffed with yourself. 


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