From humble breakfast staple to go-to ingredient at hip restaurants. Yolks, your time is now

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Image: How eggs became the foodie trend du jour

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Caviar, wagu beef, foie gras? So over. 


Forget fancy imports that come served up on silver plates by waiters in white sleeves. The hippest ingredient on the restaurant scene right now is the humble hen's egg. 


The austerity effect? Perhaps. Whatever the reason, poached, scrambled, fried and boiled beauties are more than a firm fixture on cool brunch spots: see Aussie-style hangout Granger and Co and veg-centric King's Cross spot Grain Store. They're now the subject of entire menus.

The latest opening from the sprawling Soho House Group (also responsible for Pizza East, Chicken Shop, Dirty Burger and, erm, Soho House) is Egg Break, perfectly primed in a Notting Hill location to catch a young, cool, Instagram-seeking crowd.

Bad Egg, meanwhile, is an all-day eatery catering to City workers. Decked out like a dirty US diner, the menu deals in eggs always: a poshed-up version with chips, Middle Eastern-style baked in rich, spiced tomato sauce and a Full English for two, served with piles of sourdough.

And if a pop-up is more your thing, then head to Yolk – a collective of egg enthusiasts devoted to creating 'definitive versions of Western classics'. benedict, royale and Florentine are all big hitters, as is the delectable pancetta-fried carbonara topped with a soft duck's egg.

But the finest-named egg restaurant, ever? Well that accolade has got to go to downtown LA's Eggslut – purveyors of yolk-drenched baps, coddled eggs on potato purée and wagyu steak with an over-medium fried egg in warm brioche.

The upshot? 


Next time you head out, forget fine dining, starched white tablecloths and carafes of wine. The gloriously fuss-free egg is where it's at.

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