Luxury hotels are trying to reel us in with their underwater restaurants. Here's some of the best we could find

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Say, which one do you want darling?

Fancy dining with sharks, rays and dolphins? Well, it's perfectly possible.


The latest trend to storm our shores is dining underwater (or in front of giant fish tanks) with all sorts of flippered friends for company. Here's our round-up of those restaurants offering the ultimate 'immersive' experience ...


1. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

In a seashell? It's the one everyone's talking about


Location: Maldives ... apparently 'ithaa' means 'mother of pearl' in Dhivehi, the local Maldivian language


Style: Intimate (the restaurant only seats 17) but you'll have the most jaw-dropping 180° panoramic view. Dress smart because this is place is super swish – here's the menu to wet(!) your appetite


Price: Big bucks. Time to be shellfish?


Bit fishy? Not really. We reckon everyone's raving about this for a reason and as it's part of the Conrad Maldives Resort on Rangali Island, things are pretty good above sea level, too


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Talk about tunnel vision ...


2. Ossiano, Atlantis The Palm

In a seashell? Flash the cash


Location: Dubai ... the only place where they'd seriously try to build the mythical lost city, Atlantis


Style: Ostentatious. Think champagne, caviar and haute cuisine


Price: The whole booty


Bit fishy? It's not actually underwater which means technically you're sitting in front of one big goldfish bowl. But you can do that at the Sea Life Centre, right?


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If there were prizes for insincere facial expressions, she'd be getting one


3. Poseidon Undersea Resort

In a seashell? The one worth waiting for


Location: Fiji, though it's not open yet


Style: Think Marina's sub-aquatic home in the fantasy kids show, Stingray (you know, the one that's like Thunderbirds only underwater and has a girl who doesn't speak). This underwater palace is going to have glass-walled bedrooms, a restaurant, bar, spa and even a library. Wow


Price: On application. Oh dear


Bit fishy? This place promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience ... but after 13 years, it's still not ready. Don't hold your breath

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Poseidon: It's a bit empty at the moment


4. Two Rivers Restaurant

In a seashell? The one near you


Location: The UK (hooray!), in Hull to be exact


Style: Salt of the earth. Set deep in Hull's spectacular aquarium (the UK's biggest, in fact) you can feast on Mediterranean-style food with a Yorkshire twist. Whoever made those jokes about Hull being dull sure aren't laughing now ...


Price: Affordable! Dare we say it, cheap. Three courses cost £26, the kids menu is £10 and there's even a 'Deep Blue Thursday' deal when things are even cheaper


Bit fishy? You'd be a clown fish to miss out on this one (and the kids will love it as much as you will)

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Two rivers restaurant: No reason not to go 


5. Anantara Kihavah Sea Restaurant

In a seashell? Could have been the setting for the Bond film, Octopussy


Location: Kihavah Huravalhi, an island in the Maldives. It's a short seaplane ride from Male International Airport to get there and that's over glowing coral islands and turquoise waters. Sounds pretty exciting!


Style: Breathtaking. As well as the award-winning underwater restaurant, there are private pool villas, snorkelling, diving, yoga, meditation and even a cookery school. Of course you might decide to do nothing and just watch the sunset. We hear that's pretty good, too


Price: Hey big spender


Bit fishy? Looks like paradise to us, but see what you think

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Not a bad view down here


6. Cargo hold, uShaka Marine World

In a seashell? Family friendly (though don't expect the resident sharks to smile)


Location: Durban, South Africa. The restaurant is set on board a phantom ship with views of the ocean and a shark tank


Style: Laid-back luxury. Cargo's decadent but down-to-earth offerings include sea treasures such as langoustine and crayfish along with French fries and steak


Price: Super cheap for us given the conversion rate from sterling to rand. Dive in!


Bit fishy? It's not Michelin-star food but that's OK with us

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Well they look like they're enjoying it

Underwater dining: does it float your boat or leave you feeling a bit of a wreck? Tell us what you think (and if you've been to any of these restaurants) in the comments box below or tweet us @Homemade ...