It's not just about croissants any more. Oh no. From the crumpet loaf to the cruffin and beyond, say hello to these breakfast beauties

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Crumpet loaf

Daylesford Farm via Twitter

This is no ordinary loaf, this is the crumpet loaf

Another day, another duffin. Breakfast baking has never been so exciting. Grab a coffee and a cronut and get inspired ...


Burnished cinnamon buns

At first glance these may look disappointingly small, but OMG are they dense. It's said by the Nordic Bakery (who make 'em) that if unravelled they stretch for a whole metre – that's a lot of dough for your dough, we reckon. Firm and sticky on top, they've got a sweet, soft and buttery cinnamon filling just waiting for a hot latte. Here's the recipe.

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Does my bun look big in this?


Crazy for cronuts

The first of the current batch of croissant hybrids, this modern marvel was created by NYC baker Dominique Ansel. Bascially it's a cross between a doughnut and a croissant and people will queue for days to get one. 

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Photo: Thomas Schauer


A group of tasty cruffins

Can you guess what it is yet? In breakfast pastry society the cruffin – of croissant and muffin descent – is the latest lovechild. Filled with zesty lemon and honeycomb or nuts, salted caramel and chocolate, you'll need a sweet tooth to get through one of these. Available from Foxcroft and Ginger.

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Foxcroft & Ginger via Twitter


Pretzel crossiant

Now at this point you might be wondering why we can't leave the croissant alone. But one baker at The City Bakery, NYC (famous as a setting in Sex and the City) happened to sprinkle some rock salt and sesame seeds on a plain croissant, cross its two legs and give it a pretzel shape. Honestly.

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The Rebel Within

There's something in this muffin and it sure ain't a blueberry. Craftsman and Wolves present "the Rebel Within" – a soft-boiled egg baked inside a bacon and cheese muffin. These guys would love a scotch egg.

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The duffin

Another muffin mashup, this one hails from good old Blighty! Duffins are doughnut / muffin creations brought to us by Bea's of Bloomsbury. They were the subject of a bit of a bun fight when Starbuck's launched their own recipe ... don't they know not to mess with a baker?

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One little duffin. A whole load of trouble


And watch your morning bagel ...

Because they're not safe either ... frenagals (we're not just making up words now, promise) are peculiar doughnut-bagels, while baissants are croissant and bagel doughs woven together. Stop it already.

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Fiorello Dolce via Facebook

Damn it. We want to hate it but looks quite nice actually


The couronne

Made famous by the Great British Bake Off, this rich bread can be stuffed with a whole manner of things, most often dried fruits and nuts. It's not particularly easy to make (it was a GBBO technical challenge, after all) but a slice of this for brekkie's just dandy.

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A slice of Couronne living life dangerously


Cuban pastelitos

Now what do we have here? These are traditional Cuban breakfast pastries stuffed with guava jam and sweet cream cheese. Nice with café con leche.

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Breakfast bannocks

Fancy something more down to earth? Bannocks, tasty oaty scones, aren't new but if you've been eating cruffins for days on end you might welcome their simplicity.

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Sourdough Danish

The love for all things sourdough has gone beyond bread and reached pastry. You heard it hear first OK?

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And finally? A nice bit of crumpet

The crumpet loaf has landed, everybody! Getting out of bed is no bad thing if you're destined for this bread-based beauty. Available from Daylesford.

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Mutated pastries that should never see the light of a bakery or a true contribution to the art of viennoiserie? What do you think of the cronut, cruffin and duffin? Let us know in the comment's box