So, soya's out, freekah's in, vegetables are for drinking and there's a new celebrity mega fad in town. But you knew that already, right?

Everyone has at least one health hipster in their lives. They’re the ones mainlining kale and juicing their spinach. They always carry around a tub of something unpronounceable for snack times and claim to have discovered quinoa before it was cool.


So, what’s on the health hipster radar right now? 


1. Stuff that’s raw


Most of us know about this one, right? The raw food movement, or ‘raw foodism’ as it’s known in some parts, is all about eating food that is uncooked and unprocessed. Stricter raw foodists also steer clear of anything that’s refined or exposed to pesticides. Celebrities (Beyonce, Uma Therman, Sting) love it and now it’s even taking off in homes of everyday folk. Advocates claim that following a raw food diet boosts health and promotes weight loss. That it may do, but boy must it get boring in the winter.

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raw food

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2. Anything involving kale


We don’t really talk about superfoods any more, but we still love to pluck an ingredient from relative obscurity, promote it to god-like health status for a period of time before getting bored and ditching it for something else (our money’s on radishes next. Why not?). Enjoying its time in the limelight right now is kale, the vitamin-rich, antioxidant-packed dark green curly leaf. It’s packed with vitamin K. Give it a try with one of these delicious recipes.  

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3. Stuff that’s not soya


We all thought we were being mega healthy by having soya milk in our lattes, but now cool dudes are opting for almond milk in their coffees which, at the moment, is believed to be super virtuous. Unfortunately it’s not yet that widely available in the UK, but give it time (or if you just can't wait, you could always make your own).

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soya milk

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4. Juiced vegetables


Fruit smoothies? Yeah, way too tasty for health hipsters. To really challenge the tolerance of your tastebuds, get yourself on the liquidised veg bandwagon. Celebrities do it to lose weight (not recommended unless you don’t have to do anything that requires energy), and other folk like a glass of liquid legume to start their day. Popular veg to juice include carrots, spinach, beetroot and, of course, the mighty kale. It’s a great way to get good stuff into your body in one go, but probably not the most satisfying breakfast if you're in hangover hell.

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kale juice

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5. Freekeh


Get your freek on: according to sources, this is the new quinoa. Freekeh is roasted green wheat, a Middle Eastern ingredient that’s been around for an age - a good source of protein, people love it for its smoky, nutty flavour as well as its versatility. Cooking-wise, freekeh plays a similar role to couscous and bulgur wheat and can be used in place of rice in risottos and salads. Coming to a supermarket near you.

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6. Clean eating


Gwenyth Paltrow’s at it again. 'Ditch the macrobiotics and clean up your diet' is the message in her latest book, It’s All Good, which is about eating stuff that’s, well, all good. But what does "clean eating" actually mean? According to Gwynnie it’s about cutting out coffee, alcohol, wheat, dairy, eggs, corn, meat, soy, all processed foods, joy and laughter. Basically, you take all the diets in the world and mash them together into one mega fad. Yum.

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