Yep, we’re serious. Why wait until lunchtime to eat your greens?

Meet your new morning saviour – the breakfast salad. We're talking bowls bursting with greens, grains and other glorious flavours – but don't worry, you can still top them with your usual breakfast faves like eggs, avo and crispy bacon.


These leafy lovelies were made for lazy weekend brunches, and those days when you're craving something a little different. The best bit? You can prepare many of these brekkie treats the night before, saving precious snooze time next day.


After all, why shouldn't breakfast be as varied and exciting as lunch and dinner? Since avocado made its way on to our plates, all rules are out the window. Here’s how to start your (salad) days right.


1. Mexican-inspired mango, avocado and black bean salad

They really know how to do breakfast in Mexico. This vibrant plate packs satisfyingly spicy flavours, and the crunchy tortillas are crying out to be dipped into that runny yolk. Is it morning yet?


2. Carrot ribbon salad with quinoa granola

Make this sunshiny salad in advance – store the granola and veggies separately and throw it all together in the morning. Just looking at it will make you feel happy.


3. Avocado rose, grapefruit and grilled chicken salad

Combining two breakfast faves – grapefruit and avocado – this zinger salad is a real humdinger. The fresh flavours will wake up even the groggiest of mornings, and how could you not smile when presented with an avocado rose?


4. Peach, pancetta and mozzarella salad

The addition of crisp, salty, smoked pancetta makes this a perfect dish for long, lazy mornings. Peaches, mozzarella and mint will put a real zing in your step, too.


5. Sausage and baby potato salad

Sausage and baby potato salad

Via:  Sainsbury's

Quick to whip up, this meaty salad is also a great way to use up any leftover cooked bangers and roast potatoes. Feels much healthier than a sausage sarnie, too.


6. Bean, wild rice and avocado salad

Breakfast like they do in South America – black beans, avocado and grains. Some scrambled eggs will complete your plate nicely.


7. Spiced squash and mixed grain bowl

We would devour this flavoursome bowl of goodness at any time of day. But why wait? Whip this up for a beautiful brunch spread, or make the day before and eat cold.


8. Mediterranean salad

A refreshing combo of avocado, quinoa and beetroot, this will make you feel smug all day. Can we have salad for breakfast every morning, please?


9. Jewelled mushroom salad

Skip the goat's cheese, add some crumbled bacon and top with a poached egg for a beautiful brekkie. Toasty golden nuggets of pine nuts – the 'jewels' in the dish – add a wonderful crunch.


10. Quick ham and egg salad

We do like them, Sam I am. No, this isn’t a plate of green eggs and ham – but it is a beautifully simple twist on a classic breakfast combo. You could also serve with poached eggs and crispy bacon, if you like.


11. Fruit salad with a balsamic vinegar twist

The balsamic adds a piquant quality to the usual fruit salad, and you can make a load of this to enjoy throughout the week. Adding a dollop of Greek yogurt and maybe a drizzle of honey will make you feel like you're breakfasting on a sunny yacht. Honest.