If you don't know your cappuccino from your cafe latte, watch this video for a quick cup-by-cup lesson

Coffee - once it was simply a question of deciding if you wanted it with or without milk. Oh, what simple creatures we used to be. These days ordering a coffee can be a minefield of taste, strength, size and even decoration. 


Confused? Don't be. Here's a handy guide to ensure your coffee game stays on point. You're welcome.


So, which coffee’s for you?


  • No nonsense: espresso (25ml coffee) 
  • Creamy and deliciouscappuccino (one third coffee, one third milk and one third foam)
  • Long and lovely: latte (one quarter coffee and three quarters milk)
  • Strong but creamy: flat white (one third coffee and two thirds milk)
  • The classicAmericano (double espresso topped with water)


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