All hail the pie and the pint, one of the most satisfying combinations ever invented. Where do you go for some good old-fashioned pastry and pintage?

We’re going pie purist, people. We’re steering clear of fancy gastropubs and talking about the noble pie served in a traditional boozer.

The Piebald Inn (formerly the Chestnut Horse)

Where: Hunmanby, North Yorkshire
What you get: the "Welsh cob" is filled with lamb braised in garlic, herbs and red wine with carrots, celery and potatoes is a favourite.
We say: they serve a very impressive 35 varieties of pie, all named after breeds of horses. Naturally.

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Bree Louise

Where: Euston, London
What you get: from steak and ale to pork, apple and cider and English three cheese, this is a pie-lover's dream. Wash the award-winning flaky, buttery goodness down with something from an impressive selection of ales.
We say: head here from Monday to Thursday and you'll snap up a pie for £6. Bargain.

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Bree Louise

Andy Roberts / CC-BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr: aroberts

The Hare Arms

Where: Kings Lynn, Norfolk
What you get: their award-winning steak and peppercorn pie has tender pieces of spicy steak with brandy and cream sauce. Heaven.
We say: they don’t do many types of pie but what they do, they do well.

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Dolaucothi Arms

Where: Pumsaint, Carmarthenshire
What you get: from shallot and mushroom to chicken, bacon and cider, these are comforting pies with lots and lots of filling. Yum.
We say: it’s also the perfect spot for a wooded hill walk to work off the grub.

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The Camel

Where: Bethnal Green, London
What you get: venison and mushroom or beef and Guinness pie followed by treacle sponge or rhubarb crumble, aka a giant comfort food hug.
We say: another pub with a "pie room" upstairs. *gasps in awe*

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The Blue Flame Inn

Where: Nailsea, Bristol
The food: chicken balti pie, anyone?
We say: a traditional country boozer with homemade pies. Oh yes.

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The Blue Flame Inn


The Kenton

Where: Homerton, London
What you get: a veggie deep-filled pie with roast squash, sweet potato, broccoli and a herby cheese béchamel sauce topped with some oozing cheddar. Just add spicy and sour slaw and a craft beer from the extensive drinks list.
We say: this is a real hidden gem in Hackney with a cosy interior that mixes candlelit antiques and modern trinkets. It is worth sticking around for their Sunday lunch, too.

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The Windmill

Where: Mayfair, London
What you get: their steak pie is a three-time national champion, we’ll have you know.
We say: pie room? Obviously. Pie club? Sure, why not. Pie-centric YouTube channel? Naturally. These guys take pies seriously and we like it.

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Y Ffarmers

Where: Llanfihangel y Creuddyn near Aberystwyth
What you get: pie of the day. Their Welsh lamb, cockle and leek pie is much-celebrated and has a good ratio of meat to sauce.
We say: with pies this good, who cares that they only serve one kind of pie per day?

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The Old Bank of England

Where: the City, London
What you get: cock-a-leekie. A rare treat.
We say: housed in the former Law Courts branch of the Bank of England, it is smack dab on top of the tunnels between Sweeney Todd’s barber shop and Mrs Lovett’s pie shop. The pies here are corpse-free though ...

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Have we missed your favourite? Let us know where you go for the ultimate pie and pint in the comments box below ...