This is the story of when fish met meat. Ripper

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Image: Three basic rules of Surf ‘n’ Turf


Hands up who celebrated Australia Day? We reckon this genius idea which hailed from our mates down under is good enough to be eaten all year round. All hail the notion of Surf 'n' Turf. 


Here's what you need to know ...

1. It’s a food marriage

Well, in the most basic form surf ‘n’ turf is a dish containing meat and seafood (typically shellfish and steak but we've moved on a bit from then and now the options are (almost) endless).

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2. Take your favourite from the sea and your favourite from the land

Your meat and fish combo needs some serious consideration:

The classic one: lobster, prawns or shrimp with steak

The sophisticated one: smoked salmon with bacon

The weird yet wonderful one: oysters with sausages

The winter warmer: chicken and shrimp (most likely in a stew)

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3. Don’t forget the accompaniments

Now it's time to pep up that plate. We’re talking about burger buns, veggies, sauces or even sticking everything in a paella or gumbo.

Don't fall at the final hurdle, people.

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