You can’t just light up anywhere you fancy, you know. Here’s where to flip and fry those burgers

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Image: Where to BBQ in London parks

Photo: Engyles / CC-BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: engyles

No garden? No worries …

Living in London has one distinct disadvantage: few people have gardens. If you’re lacking in green space, then never fear sun-loving friends because there is hope.


While some pesky by-laws have banned barbecues from some of the parks across the capital, there are still a few legitimate places to light up.


Here’s where you can sizzle those sausages. 

​Highbury Fields, Islington

Islington is the only council to allow barbecues in all its public parks and open spaces (but your barbecue will need to be on a stand). Head to the pretty tree-lined Highbury Fields, which is just a skip over the road from Highbury and Islington station, and bask in all its 29 acres of grass glory. There’s also a children’s playground, sandpit and tennis court in case the copious amounts of food aren't enough to keep little ones entertained.  

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London Fields, Hackney

Picture this: it’s sunny and you’ve picked up some sausages and fresh bread from Broadway Market. You wander over the road, head to the south side of London’s most hipster park and sizzle your purchases. Perfection.


Note to self: arrive early as this place get very busy as soon as the sun shines. 

Burgess Park, Camberwell

This south London park is surprisingly quiet. There are eight purpose-built barbecues dotted around, along with 10 more spots for disposable ones and, as it’s set around a picturesque fishing lake, you’ll forget that you’re in London. Bonus.

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​Gillespie Park, Highbury

With overgrown grass and a wealth of wildlife, this park near the old Arsenal football stadium feels a lot more rural than it is.


A word of warning though: parts of this park are a nature reserve so be careful where you light up. 

Fred Wells Gardens, Battersea

This may not be on your list of usual suspects but this lesser known park near Clapham Junction station is well worth a trip. There is also a barbecue-friendly area where you can fire up and munch on the fruits of your flipping labour. 

And remember, don’t forget to put out and discard of that barbie properly before you leave.