Sneak a bit of goodness into their diets with these veg-tastic ideas

Image: The veggie takeover

1. Quick red pepper dip

Roasted peppers whizzed with cannellini beans make the most delicious savoury dip with sweet notes, and it takes only five minutes to prepare. Perfect for a picnic.

2. How it feels to be vegetarian at a BBQ

Bored of a summer diet of burger relish and limp lettuce? Here’s some all-too-familiar stuff you’ll know if you’ve been to a barbecue as a vegetarian.

3. Fresh pea and almond dip

Here’s another ingenious two-ingredient dip. Super-fresh tasting and delicious with crusty bread.

4. Microwave quiche in a cup

You may have heard of microwave cake in a mug but how about quiche? This recipe includes bread pieces for a nice spongy texture and believe it or not, it actually works!

5. Very yummy macaroni and cheese

Mac & cheese is the perfect way to introduce cauliflower into their diets. And with this recipe, there’s no compromising on taste. 

6. Chocolate courgette cake

Hide veg where the kids least expect it: cake! They’ll suspect nothing untoward in this rich chocolatey cake with secret shredded courgette mixed in, and it keeps the sponge lovely and moist. 

7. Spinach pancakes

Mixing spinach into pancake mix takes care of their greens – then you can really go to town with savoury toppings, try adding a poached egg for a filling brekkie or mushrooms and cream for a tasty lunch. See recipe for Spinach pancakes.