Forget fruit cake. It’s fruit on the outside that counts!

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Image: Cake decorated with blueberries

Via Myles New

Who swapped the Maltesers for blueberries again?!

Berries, cherries and other fruits don’t just taste good, they sure look pretty too. And from cracked tops to a sinking sponge, they cover a multitude of baking sins. A bit like fruity foundation? Well sort of ... 


Pile ‘em high

Tumble mixed berries over your cake, dust with icing sugar and add posh chocolate sticks all around the edge. Mary Berry without the effort.

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Raspberries at the ready

Even if you're not labouring under a glut of raspberries, if you can afford a punnet or two this is a great way to decorate a cake. The only tricky bit is the white chocolate bow – just cheat and use a real one.

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Pomegranate jewel

These little ruby gems glisten against a dark or white chocolate ganache. Just try to de-seed the pomegranate without ruining your T-shirt!

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Berry border

Tart your cake up with a pretty strawberry trim. Line a spring-form cake tin with halved strawberries, then fill with no-bake cheesecake mixture and chill. Or just use ice cream and freeze. Sweet.

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A touch of frost

Crystalise fresh mixed berries by dipping them in egg white, then caster sugar. Frosted redcurrants also look stylish, left on the stem and strewn over a plate of cupcakes.

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Caramelised confection

Got a weakness for sweetness? Top a cheesecake with caramelised apples and let those syrupy juices run.

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Sticky toffee cheesecake

Photo: Karen Thomas


Crowning around

How cute? Dress strawberries in little chocolate jackets and then use to top off a sponge.

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