The Irish chef and writer lets us in on the secrets of her perfectly filtered success

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Beautiful, seasonal, Irish produce – from hand-churned butter to inky, shimmering mussels – is glorious. And it's something that chef and food writer Clodagh McKenna is on a mission to make more noise about. 


"I'm obsessed with wild Irish foods," she says. "There's seaweed, fish, Connemara Hill Lamb … it's fresh and intense and simply delicious." 


And it's a big part of her glorious Instagram feed. A fields-and-green riot of good-life living, it's the type of viewing to make any of her urbanite 13.5k followers want to pack up and flee to the country. Now.


We had a chat with the Emerald Isle native to gather her thoughts on cooking, cameras and crafting a gorgeous Insta feed.


1. Being a chef and food writer …

"… I am always either cooking or dinning out, so I am constantly being tantalised by Instragramable food. I love to catch a moment, whether it be ingredients that I've come across, something that I've just made, or eating out. If it makes me smile inside then I usually take a sneaky shot." 


2. Eating natural food is very important to me ... 

"The world that I work and live in is a constant eat-fest, so I do my best to be as healthy as possible when I am not devouring! It’s a constant battle. But whatever it is that I'm enjoying, I like to know the source. It changes the moment for me when I can visualise where what's on my plate has been grown, reared or caught." 


3. Mix up your cooking

"Don’t take it too seriously. Read lots of cookery books, taste lots of ingredients you're not familiar with, and keep notes of what combinations you see that you wouldn’t normally put together. I find that when I am building a recipe or dish, I focus on the main ingredient and I then introduce flavours that compliment it." 


4. When I'm pulling together an Instagram shot ... 

"… I try to use natural light. It’s so soft on the eyes and the colours are always so much better. I also like to shoot from above looking down at the ingredients or dish –  I find you capture the moment better that way." 


5. For me ...

"Instagram is all about following lots of inspirational food lovers. I adore food stylist Jette Verdi, baker and designer Helen James and Basque blogger Aran Goyoaga."


Clodagh's latest book, Clodagh's Irish Kitchen (Hardback, RRP £19.99, Kyle Books) is out now 



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