This has to be one of the more satisfying things you can do in the kitchen

At Homemade we like to have a bash at foodie things we've seen knocking around on the internet just to see what works and what doesn't. For real. Peeling a mango with a glass looked mighty a-peeling. (Sorry.)


Mangoes. We'd eat more of them if they weren't so tricky to peel, right? It's usually such a messy, sticky affair. Can you really peel a mango using a glass? Will it minimise the juice factor and generally make light work of the sticky mess that comes with this tropical fruit?


Step one

Cut a ripe mango in half lengthways, keeping your knife as close to the stone as you can.


Step two
With the skin on the outside of the glass, push gently, using the edge as your peeler.


Report image

Step 3

Peeled mango!


This is a pretty handy method if your mango is going straight in the blender to be made into a smoothie. If it's not a smoothie you seek, your half mango is fully intact ready to be sliced into bites of deliciousness.

It's flashy, bound to impress at any party and actually rather satisfying. 

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