Finally we have the answer. It’s time to swot up on your G&T knowledge …

Gin. It's in. It's a thing. In fact everyone who is anyone is drinking it. And not just any old gin. Oh no.


Long gone are the days when gin was the tipple your gran would sip while watching Corrie. A new wave of distilleries and nights solely dedicated to the juniper-flavoured spirit has made it the drink du jour. 


For the untrained hand, making the perfect gin and tonic is not as simple as it might look: do you add a slice of lemon or lime? How much tonic do you really need? Does ice improve the flavour or ruin it? The questions are endless (well, ish).


Don’t panic, drinks scientist Stuart Bale was commissioned by distiller Gin Mare to come up with the answer. Notebooks at the ready ...


The glass

While your local might serve a G&T in a tall glass, Bale believes that a large, wide one is best. He says: “80% of what you tastes comes through your nose. A lot of the aroma and flavour compounds are carried by the bubbles, so the bigger the surface area, the more bubbles you get coming to the surface.”

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Gin and tonic glass

Via: Ginny / CC BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr: Ginnerobot


The gin-to-tonic ratio

Well, this depends on the strength of the gin. In general, you should be working to 14% ABV (alcohol by volume), which roughly works out as one part gin to two parts tonic.

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The lemon or lime debate

Bale sits firmly in the lemon camp. He says: “Lime is very fashionable now, but most gins have lemon peel in the mix, so why would you put lime with it?” We'd better not mention that we're quite partial to a sprinkling of rosemary or a slice of cucumber, then ...

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Lemon and lime

Via: William Warby / CC BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr: Wwarby


Ice, ice baby

Use lots and lots of ice. According to Bale, keeping your G&T cool means more bubbles, which in turn makes for a tastier and more aromatic drink.

Note to self: put the tonic in the fridge immediately.

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Ice cubes

Via: Steven Depolo / CC BY-SA 2.0 / Flickr: Stevendepolo

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