Scrapbooks are a special place to save all your favourite recipes, articles, videos and news stories on Homemade. It's all the good stuff – all in one place!

Homemade scrapbooks help you keep all your favourite recipes and articles in one place, ready to read later, find again easily, or share with your friends. Getting started couldn't be simpler ...

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How to use scrapbooks


How to make a scrapbook

Seen something you like while browsing the Homemade site? Maybe it’s a recipe you want to make at the weekend, the perfect birthday cake or an article that made you laugh.


Just click the "Save to my scrapbook" icon at the top right of the recipe or article page. You’ll then be prompted to "Create a new scrapbook" or add it to an existing scrapbook.


When you create a new scrapbook, give it a name like "Quick midweek meals" or "recipe ideas for John’s wedding", as well as a description to tell others what it's about.


Click 'create', and you’re done! 

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How to use scrapbooks


How to add to a scrapbook you’ve already made

Instead of clicking "Create a new scrapbook", choose one of the scrapbooks you’ve already created in the drop-down list. 


Highlight the scrapbook you want to add the recipe or article to, then press the "Add to scrapbook" button.


Take a look at some of the scrapbooks we’ve already made




Where are my scrapbooks?

You can view your scrapbooks anytime by clicking on your profile icon (at the top right of the screen) and selecting "My scrapbooks" on the drop-down menu.


Can I add recipes to other people’s scrapbooks?

No, you can only edit your own scrapbooks. You can view and share any scrapbook on Homemade, though.

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How to use scrapbooks

How do I share my scrapbook?

Click the "Share" button at the top of the page (just look for the green arrow) and select where you would like to share your scrapbook (eg via email, Facebook, Twitter etc).  Don't forget to add your own message, too!


Why can’t I see my scrapbooks?

Have you signed up to the Homemade site? It's free and only take a few moments. Once you've joined, just make sure you’re logged in.


How do I delete my scrapbooks?

Go to "My scrapbooks" on your account page, and click "remove" on the scrapbook you'd like to delete. Deleting a scrapbook is permanent and can not be undone.


Are scrapbooks public?

Yes, anyone can see your scrapbooks, but only you can edit them.


Can I comment on other people's scrapbooks?

Yes, when you find a scrapbook you like just leave a comment or suggestion in the comments box.


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