At the point where theatre and eating out meet, you'll find a wealth of bizarre food-based experiences

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Image: Britain's best immersive dining experiences

Alice Pennefather for The Gingerline

Do you like food? Do you like highly entertaining nights out? Well that's good to hear because right now in this green and pleasant land there are all sorts of awesome dining experiences happening. 


Whether your thing is boarding a spaceship or eating supper surrounded by hooded monks, your perfect night out is just waiting to be found.

Dining in the Dark

Visit Dans Le Noir for the ultimate blind date. You dine in the total pitch black while you're served by very skilled blind waiters. Pick from a vegetarian, meat-lover's or 'Chef's surprise' menu and you'll be served two or three courses of seasonal food that remain a mystery until you finish your meal. Control freaks need not apply - you need a sense of adventure for this one!


It's utterly surreal eating when you can't see a single thing, but your senses are so heightened by the darkness that each mouthful is an unexpected delight and the experience is unbeatable. 

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Fawlty Towers

Missing the slapstick hilarity of John Cleese's Basil since the show ended all those years ago? Then you're in for a real treat. The Faulty Towers Dining Experience puts you at the heart of the chaos in Britain's most disastrous hotel. 


You can catch the show in London, Brighton and Edinburgh on tour, or if you're a die-hard fan, book the experience for your own private dinner party. Whether you're hiding a terrified Manuel under your table or facing the wrath of Sybil, it's not going to be a quiet night out.

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Faulty Towers PR 


The Betrayers' Banquet

Based on the Prisoners' Dilemma (a game played to test game theory) the banquet plays out as one big immersive game. The dinner is run by geezers in hooded robes with diners only able to eat as well as the game allows.


That's as much as we're giving away, apart from the fact that The Betrayers' Banquet has been described as "like going to Satan's dinner party." You've been warned.

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Will Edgecombe for


The Gingerline

It's safe to say this immersive dining company have been enormous trailblazers in the world of theatrical dining, amassing the most talented and experimental artists and chefs in the biz. 

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Alice Pennefather for The Gingerline

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Alice Pennefather for The Gingerline

The 'Pre-flight protein pack': A dehydrated vegetable salad with mango and goats cheese lollipops.

Operating at secret locations up and down the East London line, the organisers throw spectacular parties with absurdly good attention to detail.


Although their events are always top secret, in the past they've laid on performances that transport diners from a Victorian circus to a magical wood with Rumpelstiltskin to another actual planet (complete with singing fruit).


Join the mailing list and keep your ear to the ground for their next mind-blowing event.


Underground Paris

Manchester-based catering company Lazy Susan are turning their beautiful feasts into an all-round sensory experience with chef Natasha Hood and design director Shirley Sarker dreaming up culinary adventures for hungry guests.

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Luke Ma / CC BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: Luke Ma

They've previously taken diners back in time to the boudoirs of absinthe-soaked Paris, but keep your eye on these two because they'll have plenty more up their talented sleeves later in the the year. 

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abi 2

Artofdining via Instagram

Round goes the trolley at Abigail's party


The 80s

The Art of Dining are well known for their events with serious attention to detail. They've transported diners all the way back to the 70s when trifle and fondue were the height of culinary fashion, with their swinging event Abigail's Party, and next in line is an office 80s party with dinner, dancing and plenty of paper in the photocopier. Just don't misbehave in the stationary cupboard.