Yep, there’s way more to mustard than a smear in a roast beef sarnie ...

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There's a secret ingredient in this chocolate bundt cake ...

1. Mustard honey mix

We know they pair well in a salad dressing, so try stirring mustard seeds into clear runny honey for a pot of pure sugar and spice. Then use it to glaze meat or stir into vinaigrette. Or, mix equal parts wholegrain mustard with honey and spread on toast for a mean addition to welsh rarebit or a croque monsieur ... Sacré bleu!

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Mustard honey

Via Brett Stevens


2. Budget bath soak

Unlike a mud bath, this doesn’t involve rubbing hot mustard all over your skin (although you can try that if you like). Instead make your own mustardy bath salts and take a long, hot soak. It's said to soothe muscles, aches and pains, so don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

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3. Give it a rub

Give chicken, beef or pork a dry-mustard marinade and it'll take your Sunday lunch from "meh" to mouthwatering.

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4. Sprouting

Sprouting might not seem very sexy. And, let's be honest, it isn't. But it is easy and strangely satisfying in a proto-nuturing kinda way. Mustard seed sprouts pack a spicy punch in a salad and they're a good way to shake up a standard egg sarnie.

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5. Popcorn

It's not your traditional flavour, but mustard popcorn is pretty moreish stuff. Toss some thin, crispy snips of fried bacon in there too for the ultimate savoury pop.  

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6. Sore throat soother

Feel like you've swallowed razor blades? Mustard beats a throat sweet any day. Apparently.

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7. Hot 'n' spicy snacks

Introducing the honey-mustard roast cashew. Don't be fooled by their innocent appearance – these little nutty nibbles are dangerously addictive.

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8. Cut the mustard

Can you guess what the secret ingredient is in this cake? Mustard powder. Crazy talk, you say! We know. A teaspoon of the hard stuff turns this complex chocolate cake into something rather beautiful and it’s said to be pretty wonderful in a carrot cake, too.

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What do you do with your mustard seeds? Or have you added mustard powder to any weird and wonderful bakes? Let us know in the comments box below