Tried serving your soup inside a bread roll yet? Come on, what are you waiting for …

Now, we know there's kind of an uproar over the distinct lack of plates in some eateries with slate, wood and even a mini picnic bench being used to serve up food.


But it's soup's turn to be hosted in something a little different. We've got some delicious recipes and some amazing serving ideas. Go on, you know you want to …


1. Round loaf

A whole sourdough boule overflowing with crab and clam chowder. Talk about using your loaf.

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2. Cucumber cups

Choose the fattest cucumbers you can find, scoop out the flesh with a teaspoon or melon baller and fill with broccoli soup. Great for G&Ts too.

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3. A coconut

You'll need a lovely bunch of coconuts to serve this theatrical dish. Fill each half with this fragrant Thai soup so the Asian-inspired flavours work together.

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4. Baby pumpkins

Not just for Halloween clearly. Roast some baby pumpkins whole in the oven for a rustic, washed-out look and use the soft flesh to make a delicious pumpkin soup.

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5. A pineapple

Full marks for presentation. The carrot hearts clinched it. A gazpacho, served ice-cold, would work well in this, too.

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6. The watermelon

A watermelon with cut-out zig-zag edges certainly makes for a funky serving bowl. Liquidise the flesh with lemon juice and fresh mint to taste and you've got one shocking pink soup.

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7. Peppers

Buy peppers with flat bottoms so they stand up all on their own and fill with ready-made soup of a contrasting colour.

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8. Bread rolls

Cut the tops off crusty cobs, hollow them out and fill with a cheddar and broccoli soup. Use the doughy filling for breadcrumbs or make treacle tart for dessert.

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