From The Minions to Sesame Street, let these cartoon cupcakes be your bakespiration for National Cupcake Week on 14-20 September

If most foodie celebration days pass you by, National Cupcake week if definitely one to get on board with. Enter our challenge here by uploading a picture of your cakes and you could win £100 worth of Sainsbury's vouchers! Sweet.


1. Peppa Pig cupcakes

What's the secret to that cupcake snout and those soft little ears? A bit of Viennese biscuit and two pink marshmallows, that's what.

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2. Pikachu cupcakes

OK, Pokemon might be a bit dated but Pikachu's cute face will never grow old with the help of golden marzipan, M&Ms and a black icing pen.

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3. Thomas the Tank Engine cupcakes

Ah, the joy of fondant icing. Though admittedly Thomas's expression has gone a bit wonky on these … stick to a simple smile and you can't go wrong.

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4. Hello Kitty cupcakes

Your child's Hello Kitty interest is bound to last for at least 5 years (if not into adulthood) so we reckon a Hello Kittty​ cutter mould, like the one used to shape these ace cupcakes, is well worth investing in.

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5. Pink Panther cupcakes

Just eat one before they all mysteriously disappear …

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6. Minion cupcakes

BANANA! is something we know the minions love to say (and eat) between their regular gibberish. Make your frosting banana-flavoured in homage to these cartoon critters.

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7. Gruffalo cupcakes

Chocolate hundreds and thousands, giant chocolate buttons, marshmallows and other tuck-shop sweets; Gruffalos may not be cute but they sure are tasty.

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Baking cupcakes for National Cupcake Week? Enter our cupcake challenge by uploading a picture of your cupcakes and you could win £100 worth of Sainsbury's vouchers! Think how much sugar you could buy with that.



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