Life really is a picnic with these genius ideas…

You set off for a picnic with the best intentions. but five minutes in and your dreamy outdoor feast is anything but. From a soggy bum to annoying flies that dive into your drink, it's easy to feel assaulted form all sides – but don't worry. Picnic woes are a thing of the past with these inspired hacks.


1. Have happy salad days

Dress your salad in a Tupperware container before you set off and by the time you come to eat it, you'll be left with a limp and nasty unrecognisable mess. Layer a jar with salad instead, putting that all-important dressing at the bottom, then simply shake up just before you tuck in.

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2. Wrap wine bottles in a blanket

Tie it at the top for a nifty wine protector/transporter-type thing. Imagine traipsing all that way to your perfect spot to find the vino didn't make it – you're a long way from an off-licence.

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3. Try a thrifty egg box tray

Use empty egg boxes to transport delicate souls that get easily bruised – or fill with nuts and dried fruits for a savoury pick 'n' mix. You clever thing, you…

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Egg box hack

Bryan Ochalla/CC BY-SA 2.0/Via: Flickr: bochalla


4. Avoid a soggy bottom

Lay an old shower curtain under your picnic mat. With our fine British weather, it's the only way to guarantee you won't look like you've wet yourself. Phew!

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Shower curtain picnic hack

Via: Pinterest/Stuck in the tree


5. Take a dip

Slice the top off a round loaf, hollow out and fill with any scrumptious dip you can get your hands on (or whizz up at home). Pop the lid back on, wrap the whole thing in cling film and carry along to your next picnic party with the leftover bread chunks and crudités to dunk. 

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6. Freeze some grapes

They'll keep your food cool in a coolbox and won’t dilute your drink like ice cubes. There might be a few sour grapes from your picnicking neighbours but hey, they should have read this first. 

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Frozen grapes

Via: Pinterest/Stuck in the tree


7. Make a DIY crisp bowl

Push the bottom of a large packet of crisps up and inside itself, and you've instantly got a bowl of potato plenty. How very civilised.

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8. Use water bottles as ice cubes

Freezing water bottles before you take them on a picnic has its drawbacks. For example, (at the risk of stating the darn obvious) British summertime isn't always that hot, which can leave you slurping desperately at a bottle of stubborn iced water that refuses to melt... Rookies. That's what you'll call them after you've seen this.


9. Cupcake cases are your friends

Yes, eating insects is all the rage, but please let that not be us. Use cupcake cases to keep annoying bugs and lolly dribbles at bay. 

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10. Spice up your seasoning

Any well-seasoned picnicker will tell you not to bring your salt and pepper mills to the picnic party – grass, sticky fingers and spilt drinks spell disaster for that smooth electric motion. Empty Tic Tac boxes make a much safer tactic, though we reckon this chap got a bit carried away…

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11. And the last straw?

Will not get away if you pop it through your can's ringpull. Thank heavens for that.

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Straw hack

Via: YouTube/Grant Thompson


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