Saving Sunday's roasties? These dishes make it worth your while

Image: Things you didn’t know you could do with leftover potato

Via: Sainsbury's

Leftover potato may sound like some sort of urban kitchen myth, but trust us - it happens. 


Whether you've got a few sweet spud wedges knocking about the fridge, a spoonful of cheesy mash or a couple of rogue Sunday roasties, we've found the perfect dishes to give your leftover potatoes a second lease of life. Preventing food waste and getting a tasty dinner in the process? Nailed it. Here's how. 


Potato bread

A great, smug-inducing way to use up leftover mash potato. Think it looks too tricky? It's not - you'll boss this recipe. 


Potato and leek soup

Comforting for your taste buds – because bacon – and comforting for your mind because you haven't wasted any food. Smiles all round. Here's the recipe. 


Vegan sweet potato chilli

Beef up your (beef-less) vegan chilli by tossing in your leftover sweet spuds. Gorgeous. 


Indian spiced sweet potato cakes

Got more leftover sweet potato? Turn it into these spiced sweet potato cakes, epic with a cool cucumber dip. You can try it with plain old spuds too. 


Sweet potato waffles with apple cider syrup

Fancy something sweet? Of course you do. These waffles make a cracking brunch and, coincidentally, taste great with a bellini.


Ultimate bubble and squeak

Everyone's favourite leftover dish for a reason. Top your bubble and squeak with a runny golden egg and add as many extra veggies as you fancy - double leftover points. 


Gado gado

​Also known as the best salad ever. Slice up some leftover new potatoes and drizzle peanut sauce over this rainbow on a plate: egg, spring onion, radish, green beans, broccoli, bean sprouts - this dish has the lot.


Mushroom burgers

The veggie burger that takes its name literally (the buns are made from giant portobello mushrooms). The leftover spuds come into play in the filling here, which is made of edamame beans and mashed sweet potato. You can use up leftover sweet potato wedges too – just slice off the skin before mashing. Bosh.