No 'remove sleeve and pierce film' for you

Look: it's dark in the evenings, the temperatures have dropped and, quite frankly, sometimes the last thing any of us want to do is spend an hour in the kitchen when there's a perfectly comfortable sofa to be sitting on in front of the telly instead.


The answer? Microwave meals. But these aren't your average ready-made dishes – these are fresh, homemade feasts, with a little help from our friend plugged in next to the kettle. That microwave "ping" never sounded so good. 


Roasted garlic risotto with kale

Did you know you could roast gorgeous garlic in the microwave? Well, you can, and it makes for a seriously tasty risotto.  


Macaroni cheese

The entire dish is cooked in the microwave – pasta and everything. It's even got cut-up hot dogs in it. 


Quiche in a cup

We all tried the microwave cupcake and this is the next savoury step. Feel free to throw in any extra veg you've got in the fridge. 


Asian-style aubergines

​Look like they've been slow-roasted in the oven, and taste like it too. Pair with speedy couscous or Sunday's leftover chicken. 


Thai-style river cobbler

Gorgeous fresh fish on a bed of rainbow veg. Possibly the healthiest dish you'll ever make in a microwave – who knew? Oh, and it's ready in 15 minutes. 


Hake with steamed Chinese cabbage

The fancy one – and you don't even need a sous verde machine (but your dinner guests don't need to know that).


Nectarine and almond cake

What's a microwave feast without something sweet to polish it all off? This cake will do – ready in under 20 minutes, which is the time it takes to choose what to watch on telly tonight. What a dreamy coincidence.