Thought knocking up a cuppa was a bit of a snooze? Not in these pots

The internet's weirdest teapots

Via: Etsy / CartersofSuffolk

Why settle for a normal teapot when you can pour a splash of Lapsang Souchong from a can-can dancer's leg? Who wouldn't want to know the pleasures of an Earl Grey delivered from a serpent's mouth?


In a salute to those teapot designers who won't take normal for an answer, here's the best of the weirdest teapots around …


1. Very handy

"The pottery class? Oh, it's going really well thanks. I just made a conjoining pair of teapots with some tiny hands on them, actually …"


2. Tea for two … and you, and you, and you …

The work experience girl's prayers were finally answered on the 2.45pm afternoon tea run. 


3. As useful as a chocolate teapot

This innovative company branched out following the success of their flying pigs. Their next project is a snowflake with a chance in hell. 


4. Putting on the water works

Toilet teapot

Via: Etsy / CartersofSuffolk

Wait, but tea is the same colour as … No, we're not having this one at all


5. Mo-tea biking

Daft Punk's new line of merchandise is really something else.


6. Cannot computea

OK, so this one doesn't have Wi-Fi, but does your Mac Airbook pour out a brew in less than two minutes? Thought not.


7. Babychino

Baby limb teapot

Via: Andy Titcomb /

Perfect for baby showers, to celebrate your child's growing limbs or … never.


8. Take me to your tea-ler

Aliens plan to take over the universe through the medium of tea.

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