Welcome to salad utopia and not a soggy leaf in sight

Image: The big salad challenge

1. The ultimate potato salad

Potato salad’s one of those things you tend to make on autopilot. But it’s a dish that lends itself to experimentation. Have a go at adding new herbs or try adding your favourite condiment to the mayo. This recipe, with flavoursome tarragon and a creamy goat’s cheese, is perfection – we think you’ll agree.

See our potato salad recipe


2. How to build the perfect salad

With a few basic rules there are an infinite number of delicious summer salads you can make. Customise to your taste – maybe you like loads of leaves or you prefer lots of protein or crunch – and get creative. 

How to build the perfect salad


3. 7 salads so delicious you suspect they're not salads

If salads have off-puttingly wholesome connotations for you, may we propose these mould-breakers? We’re talking chicory and Roquefort, mild spiced lamb, sausage and new potato. Yum.


4. Salad in a jar

This is not just pretty, this is practical. Add the dressing first and the leaves last to keep everything nice and crisp. Store in an airtight container in the fridge and when you’re ready to eat, shake it all up and pour onto a plate. 


5. Silly salads

Here’s a great way to get kids excited about fruit and veg – see who can make the silliest salad of all! 

Silly salads


6. 9 next-level salad ingredients

Ready to take things up a notch? Here are nine rather trendy flavours to lift your salad from everyday to a little special (and if you haven’t tried watermelon in a salad yet, you’re in for a treat!).

9 next-level salad ingredients


7. How to make a few days’ worth of salad in one go

If repeated peeling and chopping gets a bit tiresome, there’s ways of getting it out of the way in one go so you can put your feet up and relax! Here’s how to make a few days’ worth of salad in one go.