With these awesome breakfasts fuelling you, there really is no limit

Fix up, look sharp, people. A shiny new year is ours, and whether you're after a promotion/next-level fitness/whatever, there are no limits if you set yourself up with a power-packed breakfast. 


We know that no one has time for a complicated morning food sesh, so here are some quick and easy ideas that will get you fired-up in no time - and some you can make in prep-ahead batches. Now you can start every day like a total boss. High five. 


Smoky beans on toast

Bake up a batch of these smoky, spiced haricot beans on a Sunday evening, and enjoy a week of protein-packed beauties to serve atop sourdough, rye, or whatever tickles your pickle. With these in your locker, that 8am meeting will be a doddle. 


Scrambled tofu with coconut rice

Oh, we know. A year of new things! Fresh starts! Novel ideas! Scrambled... tofu! No, but really – this is a nice way to cook the vegan egg replacement de facto. Make a pan of this ahead of time and reheat in the morning, take a tub of it on the train or omit the rice and wrap the tofu up in a wholegrain tortilla. Truly, the world is your oyster. 


Fried egg mujadarra

This is a weekend breakfast of the gods, if we ever saw one. Fiery with ginger, fresh with coriander, hot with chilli and finished with the crowning glory of golden yolks. 


Avocado cake

Toast up a couple of slices of this jade green number and top with nut butter for a breakfast that's as Insta-ready as it is delicious. 


Polenta French toast with spiced apples

​Well, 'toast'. Crafted from polenta, as opposed to, you know, actual bread, these carriers of joy brim with Greek yogurt and softly mellowed apples. Who wouldn't walk around with a big grin on their face after eating this first thing?


Carrot cake baked oatmeal bars

A batch-ahead breakfast if we ever saw one. Basically banana porridge in bar form (with a nifty helping of grated carrot), they're made for 'can't stop got to run bus about to leave argh' mornings. 


Very berry breakfast smoothie 

Stick this fruit 'n oats mix in the blender the night before for a faff-free AM. If that won't make you happy on a cold, back-to-work morning, we don't know what will.