Treats, brain fuel and tasty distractions – here are the snacks that’ll help you through revision

Image: Mega bitesize snacks to help you through revision

Via: Sainsbury's

What’s that you say – a mini spiced butternut and chickpea pattie can’t help you through your exams? You, my friend, are wrong. That crispy little fella may not be able memorise Pi to three digits, but it will keep your body fuelled and your mind momentarily distracted enough for you to remember that, ultimately, you are absolutely brilliant and everything is going to be fine.


Here are some easy-to-make snacks to help you through revision – all in bitesize, treat form so you can pop them straight in your mouth between each flashcard.


Peanut butter, oat and chocolate chip cookies

To dip in the bottomless cups of tea you’re drinking. Peanuts and oats are also incredibly good for you, especially in biscuit form. We assume. Don't quote us in your biology exam.


Spiced butternut and chickpea patties

Not a big sweet fan? These patties are a great little savoury snack. Dip in your favourite sauce – if it was us, we'd go for tzatziki. 


White chocolate and matcha green tea brownies

Just a regular brownie? Absolutely not – this recipe requires super -rendy matcha powder, an ingredient flooding the foodie scene right now. See, you know exactly what you're doing.


Mac and cheese muffins

Tiny balls of mac and cheese, and the rule is you can ONLY eat them if you're revising. Agreed?


Mushroom sausage rolls

In some cultures sausage rolls are considered good luck*, so there's your excuse for making a batch to dip in ketchup and munch on all day. These are perfect for veggies, too. *This is a lie


Juicy jelly cups

Far better than jelly sweets and you can add whatever fruit you fancy. Serve with garden revision and sunshine.


Peanut butter balls

Such an easy, super quick recipe – just blitz the ingredients in a food processor and roll into balls. Keep some chilled in the fridge for cramming (in both the food and knowledge sense) emergencies.


Muffin cup tortilla pizzas

Ordering a big pizza wil totally distract you from the textbooks (plus, you'll get grease all over the pages). The answer? Tiny tortilla pizza cups. It's an A* from us.