Midweek dinnertime just became oh-so easy

If you've got a slow cooker, anything is possible. Well, not everything – but teriyaki chicken, beef ragu and pork tostadas midweek wonder pots can definitely be achieved with minimal fuss or bother.


Here are the slow cooker recipes to help you smash midweek dinner out of the park. 


Slow-cooker beef chilli

Perfect chilli to cosy up on the sofa with - all you really have to do it empty a pot of sour cream into a bowl before serving. 

Slow-cooker teriyaki chicken

Looks incredibly impressive, but actually anyone can make this. The greens will crank your smug factor up a few notches too.


Slow-cooker beef ragu

Super romantic and perfect for a date night in. Freeze the leftovers for next week and make it a tasty tradition that practically requires zero effort – don't worry, it's our secret. What happens in the freezer, stays in the freezer.  


Slow-cooker lamb shank

Lamb shank is a seriously tender cut, but pop it in the slow cooker and it gets even better: the melty, delish meat just falls off the bone in this recipe. Enjoy. 


Slow-cooker pork tostadas with pineapple salsa

Tostadas! The most fun dinner party dish ever – so simple when a slow cooker's involved. 


Slow-cooker smoky Spanish braised pork cheeks with beans

Like a stew, but sexier. This dish is the perfect bowl meal you can slurp up in front of the telly, spoon in hand. Happy tummies all round. 


Slow-cooker Persian chicken stew

Such a vibrant dish, and incredibly filling even without the bread (but, of course, we know you love the bread). A proper perk-you-up dinner for any meat lover. Lovely jubbly.