Britain is falling out of love with the humble tattie. Say it ain't so! These delicious recipes will rekindle your passion for potatoes. Promise!

Image: Potato salad: it's more than just potatoes and mayonnaise

jamieanne / CC BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: jamieanne

Potato news! People in the UK are ditching the apples of the earth in favour of rice and fajitas causing an 8% drop in sales in the last year. This has prompted the Potato Council to urge shoppers to fall back in love with the spud. We agree with them. Not convinced? Check out these wonderful potato salad recipes – there's not a dollop of mayo in sight. 


Jersey potato salad with Thai flavours

Want exotic potato salad? Do as Sarah Randell does and pack loads of vibrant Asian flavours into this tasty number with ginger, coriander and a fiery kick of chilli.

Jersey potato salad with Thai flavours

Photo: Martin Poole / Sainsbury's


Sausage and new potato salad

Need a salad hearty enough to satisfy even the biggest appetites? Look no further than this fella – a genius sausage and tattie combo in a healthy salad dish. 


Lightly spiced potato salad

Cumin, fennel and mustard seeds give this salad from Anjum Anand an Indian-inspired flavour.

Lightly spiced potato salad

Photo: Tara Fisher / Sainsbury's


Grilled tuna steak niçoise salad

Oven-roasted potatoes and lightly grilled tuna steak make this a cosmopolitan salad of substance.


Big British salad

If you're going to do a salad, you've got to go BIG. This one is stuffed with delicious British ingredients like watercress, asparagus and of course, new potatoes.


New potato, soya bean & mint salad

Fancy something light and tasty? Crème fraîche, soya beans and delicate mint lift this classic potato salad to a totally new level.