These are some mighty fine, quick-and-easy dishes to serve up for Diwali from 11-15 November

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Image: Masterchef’s Dhruv Baker shares his ultimate Diwali dishes

Via: Sainsbury's / Dhruv Baker

Diwali – the five-day festival of lights – is fast approaching (it starts on 11 November) and we’ve got some pretty epic news for you. MasterChef 2010 champion, Dhruv Baker, has teamed up with Sainsbury’s to share four of his delicious and insanely easy celebratory recipes.


“I’m a cook long before I’m a chef and, with these recipes, I really wanted to give people the confidence to give something they might not have tried cooking before a go at home,” Dhruv told Homemade.



A taste of India

“The dishes I've made with Sainsbury's all mean something significant to me," says Dhruv. "The chicken dish was one of the first dishes that I ever learned to make; the fish dish reminds me of trips to Goa; the vegetable dish was a celebration of how many exotic vegetables you can now get in supermarkets all over the country; and the lamb dish was a celebration of the amazing spices you can use to make each Indian dish unique.


“Diwali is all about family and food so if you’re celebrating for the first time, my tip is to cook something simple, relaxed and fun,” Dhruv added. “These dishes can do just that – they’re inexpensive and straightforward so you can focus on the important stuff like enjoying time with your family and friends. No one wants to see you stressed out and worried in the kitchen.”


Check out Dhruv's four authentic recipes below, which have all been designed using fridge and store cupboard essentials with a couple a couple of extra "twists". Even the most amateur curry-cooker will be able to pull these off with aplomb. Basically, you’ve got absolutely no excuse not to give them a go.


Aubergine, okra and new potato curry 

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Dhruv Baker_Aubergine, Okra & New Potato Curry_Diwali

Via Sainsbury's / Dhruv Baker

Okra makes an appearance in many authentic Indian dishes and it's the star in this vegetarian curry. Grated ginger, nigella seeds and cumin seeds bring the aubergine to life while the addition of cooked new potatoes will mean that you and your guests definitely won't miss the meat.


This way for the recipe


Malabar fish curry

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Dhruv Baker_Malabar Fish Curry_Diwali

Via Sainsbury's / Dhruv Baker

This quick and easy fish curry can be made on a week night. With tinned tomatoes, tamarind paste and plenty of spices including coriander, turmeric and chilli, it's a flavourful dish that really can carry the weight of a firm white fish such as cod, haddock or pollack.


Find the recipe here


Lamb kheema with peas 

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Dhruv Baker_Lamb Kheema with Peas_Diwali

Via Sainsbury's / Dhruv Baker

Meaty, tender and served best with chapati, this lamb kheema with peas is a great addition to an Indian spread. Make sure you stir through the coriander and lime juice at the end to bring out the flavours of the chillies, garam masala and green cardamom pods.


Do it yourself here


Dhruv’s midweek chicken curry

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Dhruv Baker_Chicken Curry_Diwali

Via Sainsbury's / Dhruv Baker

A classic for a reason, your guests will simply love this chicken curry. With whole spices such as cloves, cardamom, cinnamon and star anise, you'll never go back to the takeaway on a Friday night.


Click here for a chicken curry



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