Because there should always be more to lunchtime than ham and cheese

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Oh, the headache that is the school packed lunch. Bread too seedy, chocolate too sugary, bananas too mushy, carrots too crunchy or just "I don't like cheese" complaints. 


It's a minefield. 


But we're here to help you navigate your way through to lunchtime triumph. These Tupperware-wonders are Jamie Oliver-style healthier versions, packed with plenty of colour and taste to boot. 


Here are the ideas that'll be demolished in the time it takes to say "ham sandwich".


1. Pretty purple wraps

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So gorgeous, you can't say "no". Creamy goats' cheese plus whizzed up beetroot in a handy-to-eat wrap is a winner.

Here's how to make them


2. Butter bean falafel with salad in a jar

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Trying to up your little ones' veggie intake? Jar up a load of different coloured vegetables for novelty points and pack up these tasty butter bean falafels. 


Here's how to make it


3. Asparagus, halloumi and sumac-spiced zesty salad

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A little Middle Eastern sumac goes a long way in this set up. Tupperware it up for a spice sensation that's sure to go down well. 


Get the recipe here


4. The next gen ham-and-cheese: this time, there's turkey

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A slightly poshed-up take on the turkey sandwich, this baby is a total school-dinner winner. 


See how how to make them here


5. Moroccan veggie burger wraps

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Houmous, crumbled-up veggie burger and a handful of greens equals the lunchtime dream, plus it can be made in a jiffy. 


Recipe this way


6. Sandwich kebabs 

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If it's on a skewer, you're five times more likely to eat it. That's science.* 


*Not actually science 


Recipe here


7. Make-ahead veggie quesadillas

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Just a touch of cheese and plenty of red peppers make these make-ahead wonders light on the tummy and heavy on the flavour.


Get the how-to here


8. Mini frittatas

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Baby mouthfuls of eggy goodness. A batch of these in a muffin tin, crowned with grated cheese, plenty of fresh herbs and cherry tomatoes, are an utter winner.


Recipe over here



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