Why would you want a bar of chocolate when you could have a giant slab? Go on, get melting …

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Image: XX beautiful chocolate bark recipes

Via: Angela Liddon | ohsheglows.com

Save us a shard …

Attention, sugar fiends! Have you eaten bark yet?


Relax, we don't mean chowing down on wood chips, though that does sound like a supper club trend waiting to happen. We mean hefty slabs of chocolate studded with fruit, nuts and other goodies that are currently all over Pinterest.


There are healthy barks, vegan barks, raw barks and yogurt barks, as well as more gloriously calorific barks than you can shake a chocolate stick at. And as well as being ruddy beautiful, they're a cheat's dream: most of the recipes involve little more than melting some shop-bought chocolate, spreading it around a baking sheet and telling everyone you "like, just rustled up a little something". Genius.  


Here are some barks that are just as good as their bite …

Triple chocolate s'mores bark

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Further proof that there's nothing you can't do with s'mores – apart from say the word without feeling daft – this all-American bark recipe from A Kitchen Addiction combines marshmallow and biccies with three types of chocolate. Because s'more is never enough.  


Fruity chocolate bark

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The grown-up combo of tart fruit and dark chocolate make this recipe from Love & Olive Oil a classy, classy bark. But you still get to lick the bowl.


Strawberry pistachio white chocolate bark

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Would you just look at how pretty this is? Liberate freeze-dried strawberries from your morning muesli and put them to a far more delicious purpose in this bark recipe by Leelalicious.


Samoa bark

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What Shelly's bark recipe has to do with Samoa, we can't be entirely sure, but if it's a place filled with chewy layers of chocolate, shortbread, caramel and toasted coconut then we'd like to go there immediately please.


Matcha chocolate with macadamia nuts, goji berries and pepitas

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It's raw, it's vegan and it's very, very green. This sweet treat from Tales of a Kitchen is barking up a whole different tree, but it's a good one.


Salted caramel pretzel bark

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This gloriously thick, gnarly chocolate toffee bark from Lucy Loves adheres to one of the key laws of Pinterest recipes: if in doubt, put pretzels on it. 


Dark chocolate bacon bark

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Because no food trend can be truly complete until someone has shoehorned bacon into it (or pretzels. See above). This salty pork-spiked chocolate treat from I Love My Disorganized Life also features bacon fat mixed in with the bark. Or should we be calling it 'oink'?


Frozen yogurt bark

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Fro-yo steps up to the bark mark in this light summery creation from My Fussy Eater, topped with strawberries and chocolate chips. It's like a Fab lolly that's actually fab


Chocolate coconut oil bark

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There's no traditional chocolate in Oh She Glows' recipe for nutty vegan bark, but there is almond butter, coconut oil, cacao powder and a whole lot of other trendy ingredients to make you very popular at your local organic shop. It melts fast, so all the more reason to polish it off quicker than you can say, "I barely miss dairy!"

Coffee roasted almond and toasted coconut bark

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Just when you think bark is enough of a culinary revelation, you discover coffee-roasted almonds. Cheers for that, Half Baked Harvest!


Pistachio pomegranate bark

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pistachio pomegranate bark recipe

Via: Yvonne Rock / healthfullyeverafter.co

Orange zested and bejewelled with pistachios and pomegranates (the emeralds and rubies of the food world), this recipe is meant to be a festive gift. But we say pfft … bark is for life, not just for Christmas. 


Almond butter dark chocolate bark

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Possibly the only thing better than the idea of dark chocolate swirled with almond butter and sprinkled with sea salt is the fact that this bark by Healthy Recipe Ecstasy actually looks like bark from a tree. Ain't nature wonderful?


Doughnut crunch candy bark

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"What's the logical progression?" you cry. "When will Pinterest reach peak bark?" 


The answer is: when you put doughnuts on it. Obviously. 


Caramel potato chip bark

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No, we lied! It's when you put crisps in it. Peak bark achieved. Well done everybody. 


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