No more sad sandwiches, no more dilemmas over where to go for lunch, and no more being so hungry that you want your dinner at 4pm. The only problem you'll have is wanting to munch on these in the morning

Are you haunted by the memory of school packed lunches?


Does the very phrase conjure up hideous thoughts of wilting sandwiches at break time, past-it bananas, and perhaps a Penguin bar (on a good day)? If so, it's high time to reclaim the whole boxed-up midday meal thing for the shiny, adult version of you. 


Seriously. Let's forget putting a fiver down on a 'superfood' salad everyday. Instead, try one of these ideas.


These lunches are vibrant, colourful and, most of all, require minimal effort. They'll have you leaping up at 1pm. Happy lunching! 


1. Hemsley + Hemsley's kelp noodle pot

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So this is a pretty jazzy idea from the nutrition-loving sisters behind Hemsley + Hemsley. Stick noodles and veggies into a jar along with some miso paste, put a lid on it, and it's all ready to be woken up with boiling water when lunchtime calls. Zingy, peppy and full of flavour.


2. Roasted sweet potato and chickpea salad

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Baked chickpeas spiked with spice and sweet potato that just screams to be boxed up and stored in the work fridge.


3. Mushroom and wheatberry sauté

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Just 10 minutes of preparation equals one lunch hour (OK, maybe a lunch half-hour. Probably in front of your computer). But still, it tastes good.


4. Chicken, bacon and avocado salad with roasted asparagus

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The operative word here is 'bacon', but there are a lot of good things going on in this 1pm-perfect dish. Remember to douse your avocado in lemon juice to stop it taking on that weird brownish shade.


5. Chicken and avocado burrito

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It doesn't have to be a super stodgy affair when you fancy a touch of Tex-Mex. This burrito has a little cheese, a lot of chicken and the smooth counterbalance of avocado to make it a midday dream.


6. Greek quesadilla

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What happens when you take feta, spinach and sundried tomatoes, and fold them all up in a soft corn tortilla? Something very special. That's what.


7. Green goddess sandwiches

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When only a sandwich will do, make it this bursting-with-veg number. A total joy (although you might need some very big Tupperware to fit it in).


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